July 20, 2017


In order of appearance

Chez Panisse 40th Anniversary    
The 1968 Exhibit       
Mina - Salomé       
The Andrews Sisters     
Frank Sinatra       
Jeff Wayne ~ The War of the Worlds     
John Fitzgerald Kennedy        
Flaming Lips ~ Zaireeka      
Kay Kyser ~ The Old Lamp-Lighter       
Hue Lee ~ Rose, Rose, I Love You       
Percy Faith   
Judy Collins ~ In My Life          
Jon Lord - Gemini Suite          
Barbara Streisand          
Mystic Moods Orchestra        
Can Hear It Now ~ Gamal Abdel Nasser          
Well Made of California          
The War of the Worlds ~ Worlds on Film          
Orson Welles ~ The War of the Worlds       
Kay Kyser       
Todd Rundgren radio show             
Depeche Mode ~ Just Can't Get Enough          
The Tubes - White Punks On Dope            
Frank Sinatra ~ Blue Eyes @ 100           
Depeche Mode ~ Master & Servant          
Action Jackson & Vanity     
Tchaikovsky ~ Symphony #6         
Edward R. Murrow         
Ralph Records ~ the inner sleeve               
Gabor Szabó ~ Dreams          
Chuck Berry ~ Maybellene          
Howard Hughes ~ a strange life
The Beatles ~ Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band          
William P. Gottlieb: Jazz photographer         
Bernard Herrmann ~ Psycho        
Michelle Vignes        
Lon Clark           
Earl Robinson ~ The Lonesome Train    
Leila And The Snakes, Obiko & Kaisik Wong       
Jane Dornacker & The Tubes    
White Punks On Dope - VHS video tape      
Roy Acuff & the Smoky Mountain Boys       
Hank Williams, Sr. ~ Move It on Over      
Meat Loaf ~ Hits Out of Hell       

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