February 20, 2011

Los Jardins de Centre de Documentació del Barcelona

photo by Styrous®

When I was in Barcelona I had the pleasure of photographing the botanical gardens for the Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona.

The day scheduled for the shoot was dreadful, overcast & dreary. Not a great day for shooting but I did the best I could. I went back a couple of days later when it was sunny, did another shoot & the pix turned out great. Here is the link to a press release page for the botanical gardens with one of my photos (above). The text is in Catalan but the page can be translated into english if your browser has that option.

Located on Montjuïc, the gardens are beautiful, tranquil and the views of Barcelona are breathtaking; you can see the whole city from there.

The original gardens were created in 1935, headed by Dr. Font i Quer. The current gardens were created in 1999 and dedicated to the preservation of Mediterranean flora from around the world. They feature collections of Mediterranean plants distributed according to geographical areas (Australia, Chile, California, South Africa and the Mediterranean), see map below, and at the same time, grouped according to the landscapes in nature. There are about 1,500 species of plants.

map from Wikipedia

It's a part of Barcelona that many miss but shouldn't.

Click here for hours and admission and here for contact information.

February 9, 2011

Photography Masters Cup

 Master's Cup Abstract Winners page

Hi, it's with great pleasure to announce that I have won The Merit of Excellence award (second place) in the Abstract Division of the Photography Masters Cup, an international competition.

The image that won the award
photo by Styrous®

You can find info at The Masters Cup home website.

It has been a great inspiration for me to continue with my work.

February 8, 2011

Styrous® Statement

People are fascinating to me. I find a human face or figure a world I can become lost in while exploring it; seeking its mysteries and presenting the beauty I find.

After practicing traditional photography all my life, printing what was shot with no manipulations, I am now investigating a new approach. I am experimenting with photo manipulation in what I call, “photo de/re-constructions”; deconstructing photos I've shot over the years and re-assembling elements from them in a different way. Then, in my printing process, I use ink, thermal dye-transfer, over-printing and other methods, layer on top of layer or juxtaposed. I'm also experimenting with using materials other than traditional photographic paper on which to print.

I process and print my work with what John Cage called, "Chance Operation". Because of "Chance Operation" my work is subject to a myriad of variations in each step of the process so each print is unique in some way, a one-of-a-kind monotype.

You can see my work on my website. And my new process on my blog.

I’m having fun with my new work for the moment. I hope you do as well.

Styrous® ~ February 8, 2013