April 30, 2018

Ruth Boerefijn exhibition @ Artemis*SF


Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing the opening of an exhibition of the cut, die-punched and folded paper sculptures by Ruth Boerefijn at an intimate space called Artemis*SF in San Francisco.

The exhibition will run for the next three Sundays, May 4, 11 & 18, 2018, from 1-5 pm.

Kristen Hawkinson (left), Ruth Boerefijn (right) 


 Steve Nakashima & Jan Watten

Juan Rodriguez, Andrea Voinot, Ruth Boerefijn, Suzy Barnard & Steve Nakashima

1695 18th Street, #411
San Francisco, CA 94107   

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Ruth Boerefijn articles/mentions            
Suzy Barnard      
Jan Watten      
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Ruth Boerefijn articles/mentions

Artemis*SF exhibition      
Counter Point @ the Falkirk Cultural Center    

Gray Loft Gallery ~ Magnificent opening  

Ruth Boerefijn - 2003 
photo by Styrous®   

The Nails articles/mentions

88 Lines About 44 Women          
88 Lines About 44 Women lyrics 
Hotel For Women EP      
Al Stewart - Past, Present & Future   
The Nails - 1986            
photographer unknown       


88 Lines About 44 Women lyrics

Deborah was a Catholic girl
she held out till the bitter end
Carla was a different type
she's the one who put it in
Mary was a black girl
I was afraid of a girl like that
Suzen painted pictures
sitting down like a Buddha sat

Reno was a nameless girl
a geographic memory
Cathy was a Jesus freak
she liked that kind of misery
Vicki had a special way
of turning sex into a song

Kamala, who couldn't sing,
kept the beat and kept it strong

Zilla was an archetype
the voodoo queen, the queen of wrath
Joan thought men were second best
to masturbating in a bath
Sherry was a feminist
she really had that gift of gab
Kathleen's point of view was this
take whatever you can grab

Seattle was another girl
who left her mark upon the map
Karen liked to tie me up
and left me hanging by a strap
Jeannie had a nightclub walk
that made grown men feel underage
Mariella, who had a son,
said I must go, but finally stayed

Gloria, the last taboo
was shattered by her tongue one night
Mimi brought the taboo back
and held it up before the light
Marilyn, who knew no shame,
was never ever satisfied
Julie came and went so fast
she didn't even say goodbye

Rhonda had a house in Venice
lived on brown rice and cocaine
Patty had a house in Houston
shot cough syrup in her veins
Linda thought her life was empty
filled it up with alcohol
Katherine was much too pretty
she didn't do that shit at all

Pauline thought that love was simple
turn it on and turn it off
Jean-Marie was complicated
like some French filmmaker's plot
Gina was the perfect lady
always had her stockings straight
Jackie was a rich punk rocker
silver spoon and a paper plate

Sarah was a modern dancer
lean pristine transparency
Janet wrote bad poetry
in a crazy kind of urgency
Tanya Turkish liked to fuck
while wearing leather biker boots
Brenda's strange obsession
was for certain vegetables and fruit

Rowena was an artist's daughter
the deeper image shook her up
Dee Dee's mother left her father
took his money and his truck
Debbie Rae had no such problems
perfect Norman Rockwell home

Nina, 16, had a baby
left her parents, lived alone
Bobbi joined a New Wave band
changed her name to Bobbi Sox
Eloise, who played guitar,
sang songs about whales and cops
Terri didn't give a shit
was just a nihilist

Ronnie was much more my style
cause she wrote songs just like this
Jezebel went forty days
drinking nothing but Perrier

Dinah drove her Chevrolet
into the San Francisco Bay
Judy came from Ohio
she's a Scientologist

Amaranta, here's a kiss
I chose you to end this list.

©1981,1984 The Nails
David wrote most of the music, Marc came up with the melody line and George helped with the drum programming and atmosphere of the "RCA" version.   

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April 28, 2018

Larry Harvey ~ The Burning Man

Larry Harvey - January 11, 2009 
photo by Tony Deifell 

The founder of Burning Man, Larry Harvey, died today. I only went to the event once, in 2003 (link below) but that one time had a profound impact on my life.     

It wasn't as big as it is today but it was gigantic back then. Incredibly exciting and unearthly, it is something everyone should experience at least once in his or her lifetime.

He was born on January 11, 1948. He died today on April 28, 2018, from complications of a stroke he suffered earlier in the month,     
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Burning Man ~ 2003      
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Buring Man website        
BBC News obit      
CBS News obit  
LA Times obit           
NPR obit      
USA Today obit   
Thanks for the experience of a lifetime!

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Ann Jastrab articles/mentions

Gray Loft Gallery ~    
        Kindred Spirits  
        Seeing Red       
        Something Blue . . .        
J. M. Golding ~ Mandalas for the Blues 
photo by Styrous®

Melissa Panages, aka Famous Melissa articles/mentions


computer chip fashion       
computer chip necktie    

Melissa Panages, aka Famous Melissa      
photographer unknown       



April 25, 2018

Melissa Panages (Famous Melissa) ~ computer chip necktie

During my fashion show production career I was fortunate to work with many brilliant designers, one of which was Melissa Panages, aka Famous Melissa was one of them. Her fashions were composed of computer chips (link below).         

There were several events I was involve with in which her fashions were featured, one of which was Retro To Neo; it was a promotional fashon show held during the Computer Faire, at the Los Angeles County Fair Grounds, Los Angeles, CA.
During one of the shows I worked on with her she gave me one of her neckties, also fashioned from computer chips.   
computer chip necktie
photo by Styrous®  


computer chip necktie detail
detail photo by Styrous®  

computer chip necktie detail
detail photo by Styrous®  

computer chip necktie detail
detail photo by Styrous®  

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Melissa Panages aka Famous Melissa ~ computer chip fashion       
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Famous Melissa website     
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Melissa Panages aka Famous Melissa ~ computer chip fashion

One of the most innovative fashion designers of the 80's was Melissa Panages aka Famous Melissa. Her fashions were designed and composed of computer chips. I have one of her computer chip neckties (link below) as well as several computer chip cuff links.                  

computer chip dress
Melissa Panages (aka Famous Melissa)
date & photographer unknown 

computer chip dresses
Melissa Panages (aka Famous Melissa) center
photo by Roger Ressmeyer/CORBIS


computer chip vest- 2011
Melissa Panages (aka Famous Melissa)
photographer unknown

Dee Dee Russell & Melissa Panages - 2003
computer dresses 
photo by Paul Trapani 

Chris Wong, Sheila Ash
Famous Melissa - March 30, 2012  
photo by Audrey Lee

Melissa has a love for cats and was involved as a "cat resource", for the 2005 film, Carma, directed by Ray Arthur Wang and starring , and .     

Melissa Panages & Alan Derwin
date & photographer unknown 

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Melissa Panages (Famous Melissa) ~ computer chip necktie     
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Famous Melissa website       
imdb ~ Carma        
House of Villains ~ Discarded to Divine 2011      
SF Weekly ~ After a Fashion
Noe Valley Voice ~ The Panache of Sheila Ash       
SF Chronicle ~ Sheila Ash lives as ‘walking, talking art’    
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April 24, 2018

Tchaikovsky ~ 1812 Overture flash mob


screenshot by 


I have always loved viewing flash mob videos. It is delightful to watch the reaction of the people present; the surprised looks at first then the realization of something unexpectedly new, uplifting and even educational happening in their lives.  

The first flash mob video I saw was in 2010. It was a performance of the song Do-Re-Mi sung by Julie Andrews from the of the 1965 film version of Sound of Music. It was performed in a train station in Antwerp, Belgium (link below).   

When I was 18 the very first classical music album I bought was the Arthur Fiedler version of the Tchaikovsky, 1812 Overture (link below); it was and will always remain my favorite piece of "pop" classical music. I still get chills listening to the climax of the work even without cannons.   

It is interesting that Tchaikovsky actually hated the Overture even though it won him fans all over the world and made him a household name.  
Last week I saw a flash mob video from September 3rd, 2016, at Algemesí (Spain); the Banda Simfònica d'Algemesí, performed the Tchaikovsky, 1812 Overture in a Flash Mob. It is a delight to watch the gradual "growth" of the orchestra and the reactions of the people as it does (link below).   
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1812 Overture & Arthur Fiedler      
Arthur Fiedler articles/mentions      
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Classical FM ~ The 1812 Overture: the hit that Tchaikovsky hated    
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Banda Simfònica d'Algemesí: Tchaikovsky ~ 1812 Overture
Antwerp train station flash mob ~ Do-Re-Mi (2010)     
. . . very loud and noisy and completely without artistic merit, obviously written without warmth or love.”  
                               ~ Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
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Nat "King" Cole articles/mentions


Norman Granz ~ Jazz at the Philharmonic    
Oscar Peterson ~ Maharaja of the keyboard 



Photographer unknown


Music People

Roy Acuff     
Adam & the Ants        
Alice Cooper     
Duane Allman     
Gregg Allman   
Lucine Amara            
Leroy Anderson   
Marian Anderson    
The Andrews Sisters        
Julie Andrews 
Ray Anthony          
Harold Arlen     
Louis Armstrong
Chet Atkins       
Fred Astaire     
Au Pairs       
Gene Autry       
Frankie Avalon          
David Axelrod      
Charles Aznavour           
Johann Sebastian Bach       
Joan Baez      
Chet Baker     
Chuck Berry          
Cheap Trick        
Ginger Baker       
The Band   
Dave Barrows            
John Barry       
Dave Bartholomew      
Béla Bartók       
Count Basie   
all things Beatles
Ludwig van Beethoven         
Harry Belafonte
Tony Bennett           
Chuck Berry
Irving Berlin     
Leonard Bernstein 
Georges Bizet 
Black Sabbath                     
Boris Blank          
Marc Blitzstein   
Pat Boone       
David Bowie       
Jimmy Bowen                
Eddie Bracken      
Benjamin Britten     
Mel Brooks       
Ray Brown       
Jackson Browne     
Anita Bryant   
Lindsey Buckingham               
The Byrds       
David Byrne     
John Cage     
Cab Calloway          
Salvatore "Tutti" Camarata       
Glen Campbell   
Marc Campbell      
Eddie Cantor          
Hoagy Carmichael     
Benny Carter
Enrico Caruso      
Johnny Cash 
Teresa Celli      
Carol Channing      
Ray Charles        
The Chordettes       
Eric Clapton         
Van Cliburn   
Joe Cocker      
Leonard Cohen    
Nat "King" Cole      
Judy Collins       
Barbara Cook     
Aaron Copland          
Tito Coral       
Franco Corelli       
Elvis Costello         
Wayne Coyne       
Bing Crosby     
Bob Crosby       
Julee Cruise       
Dick Dale       
Roger Daltrey          
Bobby Darin     
Betty Davis   
Miles Davis       
Doris Day      
Dead Kennedys      
Claude Debussy  
Victoria de los Ángeles     
Depeche Mode     
Little Jimmy Dickens        
Celine Dion 
Giuseppe Di Stefano       
Deep Purple
Sean Delaney       
Doc Pomus         
Fats Domino       
Jane Dornacker
Tommy Dorsey       
The Drifters       
Antonín Dvořák        
Bob Dylan   
Eddie & the Hot Rods         
Duane Eddy         
Roy Eldridge    
Yvonne Elliman       
Duke Ellington      
Herb Ellis     
Brian Eno   
David Essex         
Everly Brothers     
Phillip Jason "Phil" Everly       
Everyone Is Dirty aka Lee Malone        
Percy Faith   
Marianne Faithfull        
Geraldine Farrar            
Maynard Ferguson        
Arthur Fiedler         
Eddie Fisher     
Ella Fitzgerald      
The Flaming Lips      
Connie Francis           
Aretha Franklin        
Ellen Fullman               
Annette Funicello        
Jacob Gade       
Amelita Galli-Curci            
Jerry Garcia           
Art Garfunkel            
Nicolai Gedda            
George Gershwin     
Ira Gershwin      
Stan Getz       
Dizzy Gillespie     
Philip Glass   
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe         
Jerry Goldsmith           
Benny Goodman   
Berry Gordy Jr. 
Lesley Gore   
Morton Gould      
Robert Goulet         
Robert Graettinger     
Bill Graham   
Johnny Grande     
Norman Granz        
Grateful Dead      
Timothy Gray              
Johnny Green   
Ric Grech       
Tammy Grimes         
Woody Guthrie    
Nina Hagen         
Helen Hagnes       
Van Halen         
Bill Haley     
The Halibuts     
Oscar Hammerstein II   
Herbie Hancock         
Tim Hardin         
Rolf Harris         
Debbie Harry          
Hawkshaw Hawkins        
Neal Hefti      
Jimi Hendrix 
Pierre Henry          
Bernard Herrmann   
Woody Herman 
DuBose Heyward     
Earl "Fatha" Hines       
Billie Holiday      
Buddy Holly   
Gustav Holst        
Homer & Jethro         
Lena Horne       
Whitney Houston          
Michael Hutchence      
Engelbert Humperdinck        
Billy Idol        
The Ink Spots        
Burl Ives          
Michael Jackson 
Mick Jagger       
Al Jarreau   
Gordon Jenkins         
Waylon Jennings   
Billy Joel   
Elton John 
Grace Jones        
Quincy Jones            
Tom Jones       
Herbert von Karajan         
K. C. & the Sunshine Band        
Stan Kenton 
B.B. King        
King Crimson      
Eartha Kitt 
Buddy Knox       
Marina Koshetz             
Kronos Quartet   
Kay Kyser       
Lady Gaga         
Frankie Laine       
Mario Lanza         
Cyndi Lauper              
Led Zeppelin        
Peggy Lee        
John Lennon     
Lotte Lenya   
Jerry Lee Lewis 
Enoch Light        
Franz Liszt       
Little Richard     
Guy Lombardo       
Julie London           
Vera Lynn      
Marshall Lytle     
Gustav Mahler          
Marilyn Manson        
John "Johnny" Marks           
Dean Martin      
Hugh Martin     
Paul McCartney              
Scott McKenzie   
Meat Loaf           
Meco (Domenico Monardo)        
Gil Melle     
Ethel Merman          
Bette Midler         
Glenn Miller     
Mitch Miller        
Vaughn Monroe            
Robert Moog 
Rita Moreno 
Giorgio Moroder           
Ennio Morricone      
Van Morrison        
Nicola Moscona        
Mark Mothersbaugh       
Mott the Hoople      
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
Modest Mussorgsky          
The Nails    
Willie Nelson         
Stevie Nicks         
Harry Nilsson   
Klaus Nomi     
Anita O'Day
Mike Oldfield       
Yoko Ono        
Jerry Orbach   
Roy Orbison       
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark      
Carl Orff  
Eugene Ormandy   
Ozzy Osbourne       
James Newell Osterberg Jr. (AKA Iggy Pop)     
Patti Page               
Korla Pandit      
Charlie Parker 
Joe Pass      
Oscar Peterson          
Édith Piaf      
PiL (Public Image Ltd)       
all things Pink (Floyd)       
Pink Martini            
The Platters     
The Pointer Sisters            
Doc Pomus     
Iggy Pop        
Cole Porter   
Francis Poulenc       
Elvis Presley    
André Previn      
Leontyne Price       
Giacomo Puccini   
Suzy Quatro       
Sergei Rachmaninoff       
Buck Ram       
Maurice Ravel     
Johnnie Ray      
Lou Reed   
Debbie Reynolds         
The Residents           
Lionel Richie         
Terry Riley   
Max Roach 
Marty Robbins          
Paul Robeson
Kenny Rogers        
Richard Rodgers     
Shorty Rogers      
The Rolling Stones      
Mick Ronson     
Juventino Rosas    
Leonard Rosenman   
Diana Ross        
Nino Rota     
Miklós Rózsa (Miklos Rozsa)           
Todd Rundgren      
Santa Esmeralda      
Dean Santomieri 
Erik Satie   
Martha Schlamme        
Arnold Schoenberg 
Jack Scott      
Raymond Scott     
Antonio Scotti       
Pete Seeger   
Sex Pistols        
Artie Shaw   
Paul Simon        
Frank Sinatra      
Nancy Sinatra               
Bessie Smith   
Kate Smith        
Stamatis Spanoudakis     
Bruce Springsteen     
Frederica von Stade           
Jo Stafford        
Carl Stalling     
Kay Starr       
Ringo Starr       
Max Steiner          
Jim Steinman          
Antonietta Stella   
Richard Strauss           
Igor Stravinsky        
Barbra Streisand   
Jule Styne       
Donna Summer   
Joan Sutherland      
Art Tatum        
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 
Sonny Terry        
Blanche Thebom         
Mikis Theodorakis      
This Mortal Coil        
Michael Tippett      
Cal Tjader   
Arturo Toscanini        
Ernest Tubb       
The Tubes       
Big Joe Turner         
Tina Turner          
Giuseppe Valdengo            
Sarah Vaughan   
The Velvet Underground     
Giuseppe Verdi      
Village People     
Bobby Vinton
The Violent Femmes       
Tony Visconti       
Richard Wagner       
Rick Wakeman       
Dionne Warwick        
Dinah Washington     
Franz Waxman    
Jeff Wayne         
Kurt Weill 
Lawrence Welk 
Paul Weston          
The Who           
Brian Wilson      
Hank Williams     
John Williams      
Ralph Vaughan Williams   
Billy Williamson     
Meredith Willson
Steve Winwood          
Robert Wise       
Stevie Wonder        
Tammy Wynette         
Iannis Xenakis   
Neil Young       
John Zorn       

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