September 13, 2009

Styrous® reviewed

   Bride Chic review ~ August 13, 2012 

Welcome to "Spain Week" where we'll be looking at some talent from this warm, sunny and incredibly fashionable country.  Taking up where we left off on Friday, I pointed up that Spanish bridal wear is exciting for two juxtaposing ideas: modesty as well as flamboyance.  Today we're going a step further, celebrating fashion photography and the work of Styrous who disappears to Spain every so often (sometimes I swear it's his second home) bringing back stunning images like these. 

Alameda Sun review:

"Nuclear Tree Shadow" by Styrous® evokes a possible future.

His oblique branches photographed in a burning sky have a fearsome kind of beauty. His abstraction, "Window on the Void", describes the uncertainty of our season of awareness in the midst of global changes."


Mercury News review:

"We also stopped to look closely at the photograph, “Open", by Styrous®. I found it stark but somehow warm and Bonnie just had nothing but praise for it."
- Laura Casey




September 7, 2009

Matthew Shallenberger at Collect

          Photo by Matthew Shallenberger©

The first exhibition of a new downtown Oakland gallery, Collect, featured the extraordinary photography of Matthew Shallenberger. Shallenberger's work is the stuff dreams are made of; sometimes ethereal, sometimes surreal, sometimes scenic with just a slightly off-kilter view but all incredibly beautiful and stunning. I sometimes see a photograph and say to myself, "I'd kill to have taken a photo like that." I said that more than once while viewing his show.

Collect says, "Shallenberger's photographs depict beautiful, and often barren, landscapes that are presented as segmented stills. His prints act as windows, enabling viewers to peer out into the environments that he has so carefully preserved - and even invites viewers to feel as though they are standing in a vast expanse of water, rocks, and trees."

Photo by Styrous®

The grand opening of Collect's two gallery spaces served food and drinks provided by B Restaurant and Lavende. It also featured an extremely talented cellist, Mejil Lonjua, playing on the sidewalk in front of the gallery. This was quite an event! Congratulations to Shallenberger and Collect.

Styrous® - September 7, 2009