November 7, 2014

Beemer Memory 9: Well Made of California

photos by Styrous®

In the late 50's and 60's I used to go what we called back then, "junking" (not to be confused with the production term used in radio and television). There were dozens and dozens of junk stores along McAllister Street in the Fillmore District (aka, the Western Addition) in San Francisco and the most amazing things imaginable were to be found there. In one of those junk shops I found a motorcycle jacket manufactured by Well Made of California.  

Long before I bought my BMW (see Beemer link below) this was the first of many motorcycle jackets I would eventually own. It was beat up when I bought it in the early 60's so it must have been from the 50's. I oiled and polished the black leather and put white shoe polish on the white leather parts. I loved this jacket and wore it for years in anticipation of the day I could buy my motorcycle. 

the white leather lapels were the winner

the sleeves are very well worn . . .       

the fine workmanship was carried to the inside as well


It's for sale on eBay

 What a fantastic jacket it was, 
and it was well made!

 Styrous® ~ Friday, November 7, 20121


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