December 9, 2009

Ellen Fullman concert @ the BAM/PFA

Ellen Fullman
photo by Styrous®

Last week I had the pleasure of experiencing and photographing the performance of "Compositions for the Long String Instrument" by Ellen Fullman at the Berkeley Art Museum.

The Long String Instrument is an installation of dozens of wires fifty feet or more in length, tuned in "Just Intonation" and bowed with rosin-coated fingers. Fullman began developing the instrument in 1981. She has also developed a unique notation system to choreograph the performer's movements, exploring sonic events that occur at specific nodal point locations along the string-length of the instrument. The sonic results are amazing.

photo by Styrous®

photo by Styrous®

The performance began in darkness with only her hands lit with small video cameras mounted on each hand. The images from the cameras were then projected on the walls of the museum.

photo by Styrous®

photo by Styrous®

The long, sensuous drones produced by the instrument were trance inducing, nicely accommodating the blanket & bean bag fitted audience.

photo by Styrous®

When the first piece was finished, she was joined by Emily Packard on violin & Theresa Wong on cello. A trio par excellence.

Ellen Fullman, Emily Packard and Theresa Wong
photo by Styrous®

Emily Packard and Theresa Wong
photo by Styrous®

Ellen Fullman 
photo by Styrous®

Fullman was joined in the next selection by Gretchen Jude and Dave Douglas.

Ellen Fullman, Gretchen Jude and Dave Douglas 
photo by Styrous®

Attending the performance was dancer Anna Halprin whose dance troupe performed "Parades and Changes," in celebration of the inaugural opening of the Berkeley Art Museum in November 1970, almost forty years ago.

Anna Halprin 
photo by Styrous®

Anna Halprin's "Parades and Changes"

photo by Styrous®

photo by Styrous®

photo by Styrous®

photo by Styrous®

Gretchen Jude with rosin coated hands 
photo by Styrous®

Ellen Fullman with rosin coated hands 
photo by Styrous®

The event was breath-taking!!!!

Ellen Fullman has collaborated with such notables as Pauline Oliveros and The Kronos Quartet. She has performed in venues and festivals in Europe, Japan, and the Americas including: Instal, Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors, Other Minds, the Walker Art Center, The Whitney Museum and Donaueschinger Musiktage. She has an extensive discography.

November 19, 2009

Terry Riley: PIPE DREAMS @ the BAM/PFA

Terry Riley in concert at the BAM
photo by Styrous®

Earlier this month I was invited to photograph Terry Riley's PIPE DREAMS concert at the Berkeley Art Museum. It was a pipe dream come true for me since he has been one of my inspirations in my sound designs ever since I first heard his album, A Rainbow in Curved Air, in the late 60's. The complete Rainbow track can be heard on YouTube.

Riley has worked with many of the best-known electronic composers: Morton Subotnick, Steve Reich and Pauline Oliveros, to name just a few. For more information see: 20,000 Vinyl LPs 9: Terry Riley - A Rainbow In Curved Air.

The gallery partitions on the main floor that had been put in place many years ago were removed restoring the museum, designed by San Francisco architect, Mario Ciampi, to its original, wide-open configuration; so, the resulting acoustics were sensational. it was not only a grand event but a spacious one!

photo by Styrous®

The concert drew over 600 people to the show. The crowd sat on blankets, sleeping bags, bean bags, pillows or just sat on the floor. It was an style be-in.
photo by Styrous®

Terry Riley concert audience at the BAM
photo by Styrous®

Riley played solo piano but was accompanied by his son, Gyan Riley, playing guitar on several selections until midnight with only one short break. What a fantastic evening.

Terry Riley

photo by Styrous®

Terry Riley in concert at the BAM
photo by Styrous®

photo by Styrous®

Terry Riley
photo by Styrous®

Terry Riley

photo by Styrous®

Styrous® ~ November, 2009


November 5, 2009


Strings is a house concert. The Wednesday evening performances are supported by the members of the Society for the Advancement of Acoustic Music Appreciation. The all-volunteer staff and the Strings' community have made these concerts possible for over eleven years. The philosophy of Strings is to provide a space that brings together outstanding musicians and artists with appreciative and respectful audiences.

Once a year Strings hosts a "Visual Concert", an evening of photography to the accompaniment of live music. "Visual Concert" is a multi-media event linking visual and musical talents. This year six photographers were invited to show their work and each chose a theme. It was my pleasure and honor to have been one of the photographers invited to participate in this year's concert and I chose "Performance" as my theme.

Photographers, their themes and the musicians:

Susan Fan-Brown, "Bel Marin" with Helen Holt, clarinet & Jim Passard, guitar

Suzon Murray, "Animals" with Molly Axtmann, Piano

Toni Ichelson, "New York City" with Joey Lent, Guitar

Charlie Lucke, "Alaska" with Nicole Milner, Piano

John Pearson chose three themes. "Everybody Knows" with Caren Armstrong, guitar & vocal. "Painting with Light" with Joey Lent, Guitar. "Water" with Molly Axtmann, Piano.

Styrous®, "Performance" with Katrina Wreede, viola

Megan Kincaid was scheduled to show her Peru and Bolivia images with Blair Kilpatrick, accordion & Steve Tabak, violin but technical difficulties prevented that from happening.

All in all, it was a fun, pleasant and memorable event.

September 13, 2009

Styrous® reviewed

   Bride Chic review ~ August 13, 2012 

Welcome to "Spain Week" where we'll be looking at some talent from this warm, sunny and incredibly fashionable country.  Taking up where we left off on Friday, I pointed up that Spanish bridal wear is exciting for two juxtaposing ideas: modesty as well as flamboyance.  Today we're going a step further, celebrating fashion photography and the work of Styrous who disappears to Spain every so often (sometimes I swear it's his second home) bringing back stunning images like these. 

Alameda Sun review:

"Nuclear Tree Shadow" by Styrous® evokes a possible future.

His oblique branches photographed in a burning sky have a fearsome kind of beauty. His abstraction, "Window on the Void", describes the uncertainty of our season of awareness in the midst of global changes."


Mercury News review:

"We also stopped to look closely at the photograph, “Open", by Styrous®. I found it stark but somehow warm and Bonnie just had nothing but praise for it."
- Laura Casey




September 7, 2009

Matthew Shallenberger at Collect

          Photo by Matthew Shallenberger©

The first exhibition of a new downtown Oakland gallery, Collect, featured the extraordinary photography of Matthew Shallenberger. Shallenberger's work is the stuff dreams are made of; sometimes ethereal, sometimes surreal, sometimes scenic with just a slightly off-kilter view but all incredibly beautiful and stunning. I sometimes see a photograph and say to myself, "I'd kill to have taken a photo like that." I said that more than once while viewing his show.

Collect says, "Shallenberger's photographs depict beautiful, and often barren, landscapes that are presented as segmented stills. His prints act as windows, enabling viewers to peer out into the environments that he has so carefully preserved - and even invites viewers to feel as though they are standing in a vast expanse of water, rocks, and trees."

Photo by Styrous®

The grand opening of Collect's two gallery spaces served food and drinks provided by B Restaurant and Lavende. It also featured an extremely talented cellist, Mejil Lonjua, playing on the sidewalk in front of the gallery. This was quite an event! Congratulations to Shallenberger and Collect.

Styrous® - September 7, 2009


August 17, 2009


Tom White, an artist trained as a painter, has developed a visual program called ButohDrawing; an interface of video, digital info and movement . . non static most of the time. He uses Japanese Butoh movement to perform site-specific drawings; Butoh discipline as a vehicle to investigate alternative modes of cultural production.

He has performed ButohDrawing regionally & nationally; in Europe, Mexico, China, Jerusalem and as artist in residence at the Monagri Foundation in Cyprus.

He is Professor Emeritus at the California College of the Arts (CCA) in Oakland, CA.  

BFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art; MA, MFA, University of California, Berkeley. 

More of his work can be seen in his Ovation TV profile.  

Styrous® - August 17, 2009

August 9, 2009

Exhibitions by Styrous®

2009 International Competition
Second Place - Merit of Excellence
professional abstract category



PHOTOGRAPHY MASTERS CUP, Merit of Excellence award, international Competition, professional abstract category

Solo exhibitions:

JINGLETOWN ART WALK, photography, studio exhibition, Oakland, California
JINGLETOWN ART WALK, photography, studio exhibition, Oakland, California
, photography, studio exhibition, Oakland, California
JINGLETOWN ART WALK, photography, studio exhibition, Oakland, California

SILENT LIGHT, photography, C. G. Di Arie Gallery, Mt. Aukum, California

Group exhibitions:         
Distance, photography, Jingletown Art Studios, Oakland, California    
Into the Light, photography, Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, California      
Coupled, K Gallery at Rhythmix Cultural Center, Oakland, California    
figure, monotypes, Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, California      
summer salon, photography, Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, California        

NATURE (re)DEFINED, photography, Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, California  
butohPhoto, photography & performance, Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, California            

THERE IS A THERE THERE, photography, Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, California 
FLORA & FORM, photography, Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, California 
HOME, photography, Juried by Ann Jastrab, Gallery Director of Rayko Photo Center, Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, California
METAMORPHOSIS ~ CLOTHING & IDENTITY, video, San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, San Jose, California.
LOS VECINOS ~ 2014, photo monotypes, Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, California

ART AL NORD, photography, Fornells, Menorca, España
ILLUMINATING SHADOWS, photography, Frisbee Street, Oakland, California

VISUAL CONCERT, photography installation/performance, Strings, Berkeley, California
ESTUARY ART ATTACK, photography, Bridgehead Studios, Alameda, California.
SEASON OF AWARENESS, photography, juried exhibition, Alameda Free Library, Island Alliance of the Arts, Alameda
, California
HEROES & VILLAINS, photography, juried exhibition, Frank Bette Center for the Arts, Alameda, California
ALAMEDA ON CAMERA, photography, juried exhibition, Frank Bette Center for the Arts, Alameda, California

POMEGRANATES, PERSIMMONS & PICKLES, photography, juried exhibition, Frank Bette Center for the Arts, Alameda, California 

UNDRESSED, photography, juried exhibition, Frank Bette Center for the Arts, Alameda, California CROSS CURRENTS, Photography, juried exhibition, K Gallery, Island Alliance of the Arts, Alameda, California
BE STILL, LIFE, photography, juried exhibition, Frank Bette Center for the Arts, Alameda, California
SHOWCASE ALAMEDA, photography, Perforce Software Gallery, Alameda, California
SKETCHY, video sound design, Autobody Fine Arts, Alameda, California
ALAMEDA ON CAMERA, photography, juried exhibition, Frank Bette Center for the Arts, Alameda, California

ART AUCTION/EXHIBITION, photography, Lobot Gallery, Oakland, California

FREE PARKING, photography, Lobot Gallery, Oakland, California
COMMUNITY VIROLOGY, photography, Lobot Gallery, Oakland, California


Styrous trees @ Alain Pinel Realtors, Alameda, California            
Valentine's Day, photography, Salon 1757, Berkeley, California         

10th Annual Jingletown Holiday ArtWalk, photography, Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, California         
BUTOHPHOTO, photography & sound design, Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, California     

CALANDRI, photography, Calandri Offices, Alameda, California

Winter Art Walk @ Gray Loft Gallery, photography, Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, California        
KEFA, photography, Kefa Coffee, Oakland, California  

WIDE-EYED, photography, Eyewise Optometry, Alameda, California 

JINGLETOWN ART WALK, photography, Kefa Coffee, Oakland, California
GRATITUDE ART FAIRE, photography, Bridgeside Shopping center, Alameda, California
IGNACIO DE LA FUENTE, photography, campaign headquarters, Fruitvale Village, Oakland, California

OLD SOLE, photography, Old Soul Co., Sacramento, California
A RENAISSANCE OF SPIRIT, photography, Herrick Medical Center, Berkeley, California


August 5, 2009

Phillip Hofstetter & 360º panoramas

Photo: Palenque© by Philip Hofstetter

An interesting site to check out is the photography of Phillip Hofstetter. A photographer of Mayan and other ruins, his are not the run-of the-mill images but beautiful 360º panoramic views of the sites photographed. They have to be seen to be appreciated.

He is an Associate Professor of Art at California State University, Hayward, California. He has worked in theater, documentary television, and with San Francisco Bay Area art museums. As a multimedia and video producer for archaeological excavations in Yucatán, his television & multimedia work has appeared on National Geographic television and the Discovery Channel.

His 17 year photographic journal not only includes Maya ruins but also Palenque and field work for the Yaxuná Project and at Chunchucmil, both in the Yucatán. He is currently designing new media documentation at the Kiuic Project in the Puuc Hills and for the El Perú Project in the Petén, Guatemala.

In 2006 & 2007 he expanded his photographic work to cityscapes and ancient archaeological sites in the Mediterranean basin. His most recent museum exhibition shows panoramas of both Maya and Greek ruins from Turkey to Sicily, from Guatemala to Yucatán. He has a new book of his images that will be published in a couple of months.

Check out his Mayan panoramas, as well as those of his Ancient Greek ruins, pretty interesting.

Viewfinder link: Phillip Hofstetter          

Styrous® - August 5, 2009

July 4, 2009

Robert Frank, Georgia O'Keeffe & Ansel Adams

This is an update to the article I posted in June, Robert Frank: The Americans.
Along with the Robert Frank exhibition, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art SFMOMA is showing, Natural Affinities: Georgia O'Keeffe and Ansel Adams.

quietAction has done a brief comparison on the show with a couple of good photographs.

Both exhibitions will run until August 23, 2009.

Styrous© - July 4, 2009


June 24, 2009

IAA Island Alliance of the Arts exhibition

The IAA will sponsor an exhibition titled, "cross currents - Season of Awareness" from August 4 - 29. The show will focus on awareness of global issues.

Opening reception: Friday, August 7, 6 to 8 PM

Artists Talks: Saturday, August 22, 1:30 to 3:30 PM

Alameda Free Library
1550 Oak Street
Alameda, CA 94501

Artists featured are:

Bonnie Randall Boller
Mi'Chelle Fredrick
Joanne Clapp Fullagar
Teddy Goldsworthy-hanner
Joseph Halperin
Melissa Harmon
Miriam Infinger
Vakil Kuner
Charles Lucke
Marilia LutzLink
Peter Sanderson
Lynn Shephard
Jonathon Taylor
Brian Toll
Leah Virsik
Nicole Walters
Ya Chin You
IAA is a Public Benefit Nonprofit Organization in the City of Alameda, CA

History of the IAA
Past exhibitions


June 4, 2009


Robert Frank, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1955; gelatin silver print; 8 3/16 x 11 5/8 in.; Private collection; © Robert Frank

An exhibition of major importance has opened at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). The exhibition entitled, Looking In: Robert Frank’s The Americans, organized by the National Gallery of Art, Washington, will be on display until August 23, 2009.

This is the extraordinary photography Frank produced from 1955 – 1956 when he spent nine months traveling across the United States. During this journey he took more than 27,000 images that he edited down to 1,000 work prints. He spent a year editing, and sequencing the photographs, then linking them thematically, conceptually, formally, emotionally and linguistically. The result was The Americans, a series of photographs that looked beneath the surface of life in the United States to reveal a culture on the brink of massive social upheaval and revealed a country that many knew existed but few acknowledged. A book of these photographs was first published in France in 1958 then in the United States in 1959.

Looking In: Robert Frank’s The Americans is grouped into four sections. The first examines the roots of The Americans, not only in Frank’s earlier handmade books, which include 40 Fotos (1946), Peru (1949), and Black White and Things (1952), but also in other sequences of photographs he made at this time, such as People You Don’t See (1952).

The second section displays Frank’s original application to the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial (which funded the primary work on The Americans project), along with vintage contact sheets, letters to photographer Walker Evans and author Jack Kerouac, and two early manuscript versions of Kerouac’s introduction to the book. Also exhibited are three collages (made from more than 115 original rough work prints) that were assembled under Frank’s supervision in 2007 and 2008, revealing his intended themes as well as his first rounds of images selection. Assisting him with these collages was Sarah Greenough who co-curated the show with Cory Keller (SFMOMA Associate Curator).

The third section is composed of all 83 images from The Americans in their original sequence, often in the form of rarely exhibited vintage prints. These images changed the course of twentieth-century photography, and helped the nation see itself more clearly. The images showed a people plagued by racism, ill-served by politicians, and numbed by a rapidly rising culture of consumption. But in addition to exposing a darker side of the United States, Frank shed light on the beauty of overlooked corners of the country. His photographs of diners, cars, and even “the road” itself, helped to redefine the icons of America. These 83 provocative but often poignant photographs reveal “the kind of civilization born here and spreading elsewhere”. Often paired, they address urban and rural, black and white, military, political and civilian, rich, poor and middle class people and life. These pairings suggest the divisions that separate people and the ways in which some see but cannot act, while others act but cannot see.

The fourth section addresses the impact that The Americans had on Frank’s subsequent career and includes a film Frank made in 2008 especially for this exhibition. Released at the height of the Cold War, The Americans was initially reviled, even decried as anti-American. Yet during the 1960’s many of the issues that Frank had addressed erupted into the collective consciousness, especially the pervasive racism in the country, the alienation of youth, a growing dissatisfaction of political leaders, and skepticism about the rising consumer culture. The book came to be regarded as both prescient and revolutionary. It soon attracted a cult-like following that included many photographers and other artists.

Looking In: Robert Frank’s The Americans is accompanied by a major publication of the same name. Published by The National Gallery of Art with assistance from The Getty Foundation, the softcover edition of the catalogue ($45) includes reproductions of all the work in the exhibition, 396 pages with 6 four-color, 168 tritone and 210 duotone images. The hard-cover ($75) is an expanded edition of 528 pages which add the contact sheets for images in The Americans, a chronology, a map, and two appendices. For more information visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Styrous© ~ June 4, 2009