July 18, 2017

Michelle Vignes photographs

"I started as a photographer upon my arrival in San Francisco in 1966. Was San Francisco or California so special? I could not figure it out. I felt like falling in another world, another time, another planet - It was the richest time I could find. The emotions ran high, the hopes too, the intensity was exhausting and elating. 

People no longer wanted to dwell on the past. And there I was thrown into the present in an open door, but where?? There were so many subjects to document, so many happenings - too much.... I cared mostly for the political and social changes that I documented and was curious about the new rock scene but was no part of it, just an observer - I am happy to have lived this in San Francisco. It was an extraordinary time of sharing and learning - it still stayed in me and inspired me forever."
~ Michelle Vignes

 Concierge 123 rue de la Glacière Paris 13e - 1971

Le déjeuner du dimanche, la famille

Portrait of Native American man

Ruth Roechell, a Navajo, in Rough Rock, Arizona 

The women's prison
Frontera - 1969

Kyle, South Dakota - 1969

Dennis Banks, an Anishinaabe,
co-founder of the American Indian Movement
Mobridge, South Dakota - 1974

Wounded Knee, South Dakota
during the siege in 1973

Ka-Mook Nichols, Lakota woman,
Yolo Country, California
San Francisco seen from Alcatraz after the island was occupied by American Indians in 1969. In the foreground was the son of Richard Oakes, one of the organizers of the event.   

Columbus Day - a day of mourning
San Francisco, 1969

Native American children, Alcatraz Island

Veterans announce at a June 1971 press conference that the occupation is over. U.S. Marshalls removed the last of the Alcatraz occupiers.   

jazz photos

A book of  jazz-related photographs, entitled, The Blues, was published in 1986 by Lon Clark (link below).   

The blues district in West Oakland

Mississippi Johnny Waters
Eddie Ray and Warren Cushenberry

Earl "Good Rockin¨ Brown

Shalimar Club 

 Mississippi Johnny Waters

Eli's Mile High Club

Kenny Playing Sax
De Luxe Inn, Oakland, California - 1983.

Beverly Playing the Blues
Eli's Mile High Club
Oakland, California - 1982

Sonny Lane 
Deluxe Inn, Oakland, California

Hip dancer at The Three Sisters

Couple Dancing
Shalimar Club
Oakland, California - 1983

The Summer of Love 

Alan Ginsberg at the Human Be-In 
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California - 1967 

Black Panthers in front of the 

 Altamont - 1968


Bill Graham contemplating his new Fillmore Auditorium

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