July 25, 2012

Music Notes

Acoustic Control Corporation PA3115 stage monitor      
The Andrews Sisters ~ goodbye & thanks   
all things Beatles       
David Bowie        
Happy Birthday, John Cage            
Leonard Cohen          
Betty Davis          
Deerhoof @ the BAM       
Deep Purple    
Electric Light Orchestra ~ The Big Night Tour, 1987        
Everyone Is Dirty aka Lee Malone       
The Family Dogg, Sixto Rodriguez, & Malik Bendjelloul     
The Fibonacci, Steinway & Sons 600,000th Piano ~ 2015      
Ellen Fullman & BAM             
Garden of Memory 2013           
Bill Haley           
Hearst Greek Theater performances         
Anna-Maria Hefele ~ Over-tone singer extraordinare         
The Hour Glass & The Power of Love ~ Allman Brothers
Al Jarreau                
Janis Joplin ~ Pearl song lyrics         
Kronos Quartet: Listen Local     
Kronos @ the Hertz ~ Happy Birthday World War I      
Happy Birthday, Kay Kyser    
John Lennon ~ 35 years ago today          
Jerzy Maksymiuk & Józef Skrzek ~ The War of the Worlds            
overtone singing         
Peavey XR 800 mixing board     
Phonography (ήχο γραφής) ~ What is it?               
Édith Piaf         
all things Pink (Floyd)            
Elvis Presley ~ stamped forever      
Record Store Day ~ April 19, 2014          
Record Store Day ~ April 18, 2015
The Residents           
Rhythmix ~ Wine, Women & Song: 7th Anniversary celebration          
Terry Riley: PIPE DREAMS @ the BAM    
Terry Riley: Encore @ the BAM with Tracy Silverman   
Dean Santomieri           
Paul Simon at the Greek Theater      
Frank Sinatra ~ Blue Eyes @ 100 
Song lyrics          
Mary Stallings, Gianni Versace & Junior High School     
Sweets Ballroom ~ Jitterbugging in the Forties      
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky       
Cal Tjader       
Tower Records ~ All Things Must Pass: a blast from the past       
The Tubes - White Punks On Dope - VHS video tape   
Visual Concert     
20,000 Vinyl LPs Archive      
101 Reel-to-Reel Tapes Archive     
1,000,001 CDs Archive       
45 RPMs Archive        
78 RPMs Archive      

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