April 20, 2017

Anna-Maria Hefele ~ Over-tone singer extraordinare

Anna-Maria Hefele employs overtone singing during a  perfirmance of Light&Abyss by Y. Pouget.

screenshot by Styrous®

Hefele also performs Ritus, by Wolf Janscha with SUPERSONUS. I give no description for either works; listen for yourself (links below).  

The European Resonance Ensemble          
Anna-Maria Hefele, overtone singing
Eva-Maria Rusche, harpsichord
Anna-Liisa Eller, kannel
Wolf Janscha, jew´s harp
Marco Ambrosini, nyckelharpa, jew´s harp

Anna-Maria Hefele is a German overtone singer from Grafing near Munich. Her technique of singing polyphonic overtones is also known as "throat singing," and Hefele has been practicing it since 2005.  

Anna-Maria Hefele photo by Anna-S.

The Huffington Post has commented on her "amazing ability" and her singing being "utterly bizarre". On 10 October 2014, she was number two on The Guardian's Viral Video Chart.   

One online video, Polyphonic Overtone Singing, features Hefele as she demonstrates and explains overtones (link below). As of December 2014, this video has received nearly 10 million hits.    

photos of  Hefele in performance by Christian Martin Weiss

There are several styles of overtone singing found around the world (link below). Hefele's style is culturally practiced in the Siberian region of Tuva. This whistling vocal version is called sygyt.     

Net links:        
Anna-Maria Hefele website           
Christian Martin Weiss website
overtone singing               
YouTube links:      
Anna-Maria Hefele:                          
        Light&Abyss by Y. Pouget           
         with SUPERSONUS ~  RITUS 
        Polyphonic Overtone Singing       


After all, it is 4/20

Styrous® ~ Thursday, April 20, 2017 

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