July 25, 2012


Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria  


Andra Norris Gallery ~ Metamorphosis         
Suzy Barnard ~ Uncharted Waters                 
Berkeley Art Museum exhibitions/events       
Body as Agent: Changing Fashion Art         
Edythe Boone ~ "Let a Thousand Parks Bloom"                
ButohDrawing articles
Canapo Art Gallery ~ Latin artists showcase      
Chime In ~ Making Light in Tbilisi
The art of Lon Clark, Jr.
Betty Jo Costanzo         
Dazzle ships, Vorticist art & BLAST      
Philip Dow ~ Sphere of Influence 
Ecotopia: The Installations of Celeste Connor                  
Edith Piaf á la Bibliothèque nationale de France     
Gray Loft Gallery exhibitions       
Gray Loft Gallery ~ Oakland Magazine Best Art Gallery Award 2016   
Ake & Leslie Frierman Grunditz     
Illuminating Shadows @ Frisbie           
4th Annual International Color Awards ~ Abstract winners            
Island Alliance of the Arts               
Island City Waterways ~ Ginny Parsons, Pons Maar & Marc Ribaud       
Jingletown Art
Pearl Jones-Tranter @ Caffe 817   
Metamorphosis ~ Clothing & Identity             
Angel Morales ~ outsider art                 
Museum of Craft and Design ~ MOTO MMXX                 
Florence Naranjo ~ Santa Clara, San Ildefonso Pueblo     
Oakland Museum  
Oakland Pro Arts               

Rhythmix Cultural Center events/exhibitions     
V. Silva ~ Oaxaca ceramic platter         
Tracey Snelling         
Tom White       
John Wood ~ Look Again @ the LuckyLo Art Gallery & Boutique             

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