July 3, 2012

20,000 vinyl LPs 1 (intro): Doris Day

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I am starting the Vinyl LP series because I have a collection of over 20,000 albums I am selling. Each blog entry will be about an album from my collection. For more info, contact me at Styrous®.


I began collecting vinyl LPs in the 1950's. I remember the very first LP I bought; it was "Day Dreams" by Doris Day. I'll never forget the music on that album; the song, "Darn That Dream" is still one of my favorites; you can hear it on YouTube (the ad at the beginning can be skipped).

Well, it's almost 60 years later and I've managed to collect over 20,000 vinyl LP records not to mention hundreds of 45's. The categories are listed here.

And it's time to let them go.

How do you dispose of a collection of 20,000 vinyl LPs that you've carefully assembled (my friend Dennis used the word amassed) for almost 60 years without some sense of loss and a great deal of nostalgia? I've been thinking about it for quite some time and I've decided to shift my focus for a while; to photograph and write about the marvelous albums I have loved for so many years.

There are very many sites that describe/critique the music of these musician/artists. I won't go into the music so much as the albums themselves; the physical covers, records, items that came with them, and the stories behind them. Things I found interesting enough to make me want to buy the album in the first place. I tended to get lost in record album covers in a way I have rarely done with CDs.

I have over 20,000 albums so I may have 20,000 stories to tell with green hyperlinks to information about them. The albums I have loved the most will be my focus. I may never do another top 40 album, unless it had something of interest to me on some level other than "Top 40".

How many hours in 1 year? 1 year = 8765.813 hours.

How many hours in 60 years? 525,948.78 hours.

I'm thankful for these thousands of hours of searching, reading and listening pleasure they have given me. To those who love vinyl records as much as I do, I hope you'll come back from time to time to see what marvels are/were in my collection.

This is my first entry about the collection, so, Doris was the perfect choice for helping me to get the ball rolling. I fell in love with her voice in the fifties and I still am. Thanks, Ms. Day.

My best to you all,

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Styrous® ~ July 3, 2012


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