July 25, 2018

Gray Loft Gallery ~ Summer Salon 2018


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Last weekend was a great one for art in JIngletown. The K Gallery at the Rhythmix Cultural Works opened its new exhibition, Wayside (link below) and the Gray Loft Gallery opened its Summer Salon 2018.    

Summer Salon includes painting, mixed media 
and photography by these Bay Area artists:

Suzy Barnard - painting
Larry Davidson - photography
Jan Erion - painting
Lin Fischer - painting
Lynn McGeever - watercolor
Amy Sollins - drawings

Jan Watten - photography 
Karyn Yandow - photography

 The exhibition runs until August 25, 2018 
Closing reception, Saturday, August 25, 2018

Gray Loft Gallery
2889 Ford Street, third floor
Oakland, CA 94601

The work
(click on any image for slideshow)


Viewfinder links:       
Suzy Barnard   
Larry Davidson         
Lynn McGeever       
Amy Sollins
Jan Watten       
Karyn Yandow  
Gray Loft Gallery exhibitions      
Wayside @ the K Gallery       
Net links:              
Gray Loft Gallery website    


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