September 3, 2017

Jan Watten articles/mentions


Jan Watten - 2012     
photo by Styrous®   

2013 Oakland Indie Awards          
butohPhoto performance on Vimeo     
Café Flamenco – Fin de Verano    
Distance @ the Jingletown Art Studios         
Exquisite Little Things           
Fragments of Abstraction       
The Love Show    
Love Show memories        
Last night at the Rhythmix       
Memory Sketches opens     
Minoo Hamzavi ~ "The America I Love"   
One + One      
Pro Arts Open Studios á la Jingletown    
Styrous by Jan Watten                       
summer salon                                                                                               
There Is a There There ~ ArtSlant profiles          
There Is a There There Is not There     
Under My Skin: I Love you so much 
Los Vecinos ~ 2014     
                    ~ settin' it up   
                    ~ The Opening   
                    ~ The Show 
Winter Art Walk ~ 2012      
Winter Art Walk ~ 2013            

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