July 22, 2018

Wayside @ the K Gallery


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Wayside, opened at the Rhythmix Cultural Works K Gallery last night. The exhibition features paintings by Ginny Parsons and photographs by Najib Joe Hakim. Both artists showed exciting new work I had never seen before.   

Following in the footsteps of 19th century artists who sought the out-of-doors for leisure, renewal and expression, Wayside artists explore this idyllic notion in the framework of our modern society. Hakim’s blurry and beautiful landscapes, shot from a moving car, resonate with questions of progress, while Parsons’s charcoal gestures capture the essence of Monet’s pastoral scenes, glimpsed through the anxious lens of the Trump #MeToo era.     

For Hakim, sharply focused details can be false gods, often obfuscating a true, “real” nature of things – like “missing the forest for the trees”. By emphasizing atmosphere, color, light, and movement over detail and form, these images make the viewer feel it is not so much time that is passing, but they themselves speeding by the wayside.         

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left: Ginny Parsons, right: Lora Lewis


The exhibition will run until September 1, 2018

K Gallery 
Rhythmix Cultural Works          
2513 Blanding Avenue   
Alameda, CA 94501      

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