June 13, 2018

Angelo Cellini ~ black snake skin loafers


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I have always wanted a snake skin jacket. My first awareness of this bizzare item of clothing was in the 1960 film, The Fugitive Kind, which starred Marlon Brando and Anna Magnani.    

The Fugitive Kind movie poster

Brando also turned me on to motorcycle jackets seven years earlier, for that matter, in the film, The Wild One (link below). Movies have introduced me to many things.     

But I digress. I never got a snake skin jacket but in the late 80's, when I was in the town of Alayor on Menorca, a small island off the coast of Barcelona, Spain, I came across these black snake skin loafers manufactured by Angelo Cellini. The Cellini name was trademarked in 1984 and the company still manufactures animal skin shoes that range from $500 on up.      

I actually have another pair (link below) I bought at the same time that are brown. Both are size 8D and have been in storage, like my record collection (link below), for several decades and will be for sale on eBay (link below).    

Angelo Cellini ~ black, snake skin loafers, 8D, on eBay.     

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