May 27, 2018

Rhythmix Cultural Works presents Island City Waterways

On May 19th I spent a lovely day at the beach during a presentation by the Rhythmix Cultural Center entitled, Island City Waterways. It was the second event the Center has produced presenting the history of Alameda through dance, music and story telling. The first was, Dancing the Bridges, in 2016 (link below).       

It was not a traiditonal theater venue with the audience seated. Actors, dancers and musicians lead us through Crab Cove (originally Neptune Beach) in Alameda, recounting the history of the cove. The ultimate theme was the despoiling of the seas. The finale of the performance had the despoilers grabbed by the ears and lead off by a woman with a red parasol who represented the Spitit of the Sea; I only wish it could  be so easy.  

The following photos documant the merry parade we made around the lovely Cove. Again, it was a brilliant, educational theater piece and a hell of a lot of fun! 


Crab Cove map


photos by Styrous®

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Rhythmix Cultural Center         

Well done!
Styrous® ~ Sunday, May 27, 2018         

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