April 25, 2018

Melissa Panages aka Famous Melissa ~ computer chip fashion

One of the most innovative fashion designers of the 80's was Melissa Panages aka Famous Melissa. Her fashions were designed and composed of computer chips. I have one of her computer chip neckties (link below) as well as several computer chip cuff links.                  

computer chip dress
Melissa Panages (aka Famous Melissa)
date & photographer unknown 

computer chip dresses
Melissa Panages (aka Famous Melissa) center
photo by Roger Ressmeyer/CORBIS


computer chip vest- 2011
Melissa Panages (aka Famous Melissa)
photographer unknown

Dee Dee Russell & Melissa Panages - 2003
computer dresses 
photo by Paul Trapani 

Chris Wong, Sheila Ash
Famous Melissa - March 30, 2012  
photo by Audrey Lee

Melissa has a love for cats and was involved as a "cat resource", for the 2005 film, Carma, directed by Ray Arthur Wang and starring , and .     

Melissa Panages & Alan Derwin
date & photographer unknown 

Viewfinder link:          
Melissa Panages (Famous Melissa) ~ computer chip necktie     
Net link:          
Famous Melissa website       
imdb ~ Carma        
House of Villains ~ Discarded to Divine 2011      
SF Weekly ~ After a Fashion
Noe Valley Voice ~ The Panache of Sheila Ash       
SF Chronicle ~ Sheila Ash lives as ‘walking, talking art’    
Styrous® ~ Wednesday, April 25, 2018         



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