April 16, 2018

RMS Titanic images

 Titanic in Cork harbour, 11 April 1912

 Edward Smith, captain of Titanic, in 1911 

Grand Staircase, which connected Boat Deck and E Deck

Construction in gantry, 1909–11 

Below is a photograph of the rudder with central and port wing propellers. There is a man at bottom of the photo which gives a sense of the scale of the immense ship. It was taken by Robert John Welch (1859-1936), the official photographer for Harland & Wolff, builders of the Titanic.     

Rudder with central and port wing propellers
Titanic's stern and rudder

 Fitting-out, 1911–12

Launch, 1911 (unfinished superstructure) 

 Titanic at Southampton docks, prior to departure

RMS Titanic departing Southampton on 10 April 1912


The iceberg thought to have been hit by Titanic
photographed on the morning of 15 April 1912

The sinking, according to J. Thayer, 
sketched onboard Carpathia, based on his description 

A collapsible lifeboat with canvas sides

bow of the wrecked RMS Titanic - June 2004

Bell from the Titanic

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