February 13, 2016

Happy birthday, Gray Loft Gallery ~ Fragments of Abstraction opening

 February 12 ~ March 26, 2016   

It's hard to believe but it was four years ago that the Gray Loft Gallery opened its door to the world to reveal a universe of astounding art.

In 2012, The Love Show (link below) was the opening exhibition. The amazing thing is no show at the Gray Loft has been like any of the others; each has been totally unique. That's a pretty astounding feat accomplished by gallery owner, Jan Watten, who has an eye for quality and knows how to put the various items together with grace and harmony. It's a good description of an Impresario Extraordinaire.

Fragments of Abstraction opening

photos by Styrous®  

Michael Shemchuk & Minoo Hamzavi

photo by DD Martin

Artists showing:
Carol Dalton - paintings 
Peter Dreyfuss - watercolors & sculpture
Mark Eanes - paintings 
Bruce Pizzichillo - paintings
Michael Shemchuk - paintings

The Gray Loft Gallery shows:     

Gray Loft Gallery Inaugural exhibition, "The Love Show       
10 Connect
FROM ONE THING TO ANOTHER ~ The Art of Recycle       
2nd Annual Love Show        
The Big Painting Show          
Three Views ~ Painting, Sculpture & Photography         
Short Stories          
Los Vecinos           
Home ~ A Juried photography show         
Flora & Form           
PROJECT 275            
Inhabiting Space         
There Is a There There           
California Society of Printmakers         
California Society of Printmakers, Part 2            
ButohPhoto Workshop         
Nature (re)Defined           

Happy birthday, Gray Loft & congratulations Jan!

 Styrous® ~ Saturday, February 13, 2016



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