September 11, 2015

Memory Sketches opens @ the Gray Loft Gallery

Memory Sketches

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending the opening of the exhibition, Memory Sketches, at the Gray Loft Gallery.  The exhibition is photo based but the finished images are not the typical photography.  

The show, curated by Karyn Yandow, highlights the work of four Bay Area artists who incorporate portraiture as an aspect of their artistic practice. Their images reveal and embody time, memory, history, imagination and image perception. The works on display alternately reveals the mysterious, personal and universal concepts of portraiture and identity. 

Phillip Hua, mixed media

The work of Phillip Hua references Pointillism, Ben-Day dots and Divisionism thrown in for good measure. His images are striking and his video installation utilizes a kind of kaleidoscope effect to good advantage.   

Suzanne Rubin, photography

Suzanne Rubin ranges from starkly, vividly-sharp subjects to the most softly, dreamy and ethereal studies.     

Susan Scott, photography

The photography of Susan Scott is surreal at times but her work for this show is almost Victorian in a post-modern way.     

Jan Watten, photography

The black and white photography of Jan Watten is extraordinary! She is showing traditional darkroom prints, never printed before, especially for this exhibition; some shot years ago from her series "Thirteen" as well as a few new portraits recently photographed and printed.  

It is quite an exhibition. Don't miss it!

2889 Ford Street, third floor
Oakland, California 94601


Gallery Hours:  
Summer Hours: by appointment

Styrous® ~ Friday, September 11, 2015

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