January 16, 2014

Los Vecinos ~ The Opening

Susan Moyski (left), Jan Watten (right)

Chris Johnson (left), Lashaune Fitch (middle), 
Mark Harris (right)

Josh Greenburg

Susan & Josh Greenbuerg (left), Lianne Donovan (right)

Tom White                                                             Lianne Donovan
& Mie Preckler                                                        & Tom White

Theo (far left), Barbara Cushman (middle left), 
Tracey Snelling (middle right), Jan Watten (right 

 Susan & Josh Greenbuerg (left), Ruth Boerefijn (right)

Tom White (left), Mie Preckler (middle),
Jacques Quisquater (right)

  Leslie Frierman Grunditz (left),                                    Mariah Carle
& Ruth Boerefijn (right)                                                              .

Tom White (left), Tony Rugege (left)

Cynthia Elliott (left), Mariah Carle (right)

all photos by Styrous®



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