May 2, 2017

Minoo Hamzavi @ the Gray Loft Gallery ~ "The America That I Love"

Minoo Hamzavi

On Saturday, April 29, 2017, the Gray Loft Gallery presented an afternoon of music, poetry and performance, created and directed by performance artist, Minoo Hamzavi.    

This performance was in response to our current political climate. Poetry was read in a variety of languages to show support and solidarity, as well as to celebrate the diversity of our nation.

Hamzavi performed a short piece she created for the event, "The America That I Love”. Her performance was preceded by the readings of Lynn Adler, Steve Nakashima and Bella Warda with a performance by flautist, Claire Lavery. Eleonore Hockabnout was scheduled to perform as well but could not attend so a video installation by her was used.   

video installation by Eleonore Hockabnout

Jan Watten, director and owner of the Gray Loft Gallery presented the opening remarks.

Kyung Lee (video)


Lynn Adler

Steve Nakashima

   Claire Lavery                                               

Bella Warda

"The America That I Love"
by Minoo Hamzavi 

The Finale

   Minoo Hamzavi & Jan Watten                                

Minoo Hamzavi & Claire Lavery


Claire Lavery, Minoo Hamzavi, Lynn Adler & Bella Warda

Steve Nakashima, Bella Warda, Claire Lavery, 
Minoo Hamzavi & Lynn Adler

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