January 19, 2017

Jingletown Arts & Business Community (JABC) Events/Articles

Jingletown Art Wall        
JABC Creek To Bay Cleanup          
MLK Day ~ Bussin' the JABC Art Wall in Jingletown        

National Night Out with the JABC in Jingletown

National Night Out with the JABC in Jingletown        
Earthday 2015 in Jingletown with the JABC       
Pro Arts Open Studios á la Jingletown        
Oakland Pro Arts Open Studios á la JABC Pt. 1         
Oakland Pro Arts Open Studios á la JABC Pt. 2         
Parkin' the White Elephant        
Tiki Tom's ~ R. I. P. <|> 2008 - 2010       

JABC Open Studios        
Spencer Shook ~ Critter Creator    
The Stroopie Gourmet        

About Jingletown

Among other notable artistic enterprises, it is the location of a number of galleries, including Gray Loft Gallery, Jingletown Art Studios and Gallery and 4:20 Gallery, as well as studios of many renowned artists who are living and working in one of the most recognized artists’ warehouse districts in Oakland.  

The moniker Jingletown came from turn of the century when Portuguese cannery workers whose earnings would “jingle” in their pockets at the end of the day as they walked home from the factories in the area.  Many of those canneries and factories closed and the neighborhood went into disuse, but in the early 1980’s artists realized the potential and converted many of the neglected warehouses into functioning live/work spaces.  It is now a flourishing artist community in the Bay Area.        

The goal of the Jingletown Arts and Business Community is to heighten awareness about the rich and diverse population of working and exhibiting artists in the neighborhood, and to promote creative opportunities in the Jingletown Arts District. Visitors to this historic arts district will see colorful mosaic murals on converted warehouse walls, intersection street painting art and the Peterson Street Community Wall, which features murals by many of the residents of Jingletown.  


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