June 11, 2013

The Stroopie Gourmet & the JABC Open Studios

photo by Styrous©

Life is terrific! A never ending experience of one great discovery after another. I had my first Stroopwafel at the JABC Open Studios last weekend.

all photos by Styrous©

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They are a marvelous kind of waffle and caramel sandwich that is pressed รก la Italian panini. Oh, boy, that sounds good, sure, but watching them make it is even better.         :-)

Todd pops the ball of batter into the press . . .

. . . then, of course, presses it . . .

. . . slices it in half, laterally . . . 

 . . . mmmm! the caramel part. . .

. . . making the "sandwich"!

Lily & Todd

Great to meet you and sample your Stroopwafel!

The Stroopie Gourmet website
The Stroopie Gourmet on Facebook

Styrous© ~ June 11, 2013


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