January 26, 2014

Parkin' the White Elephant

photos by Styrous®

I had fun today working with fellow members of the JABC during the fund raiser they organize when there is a White Elephant sale.

What is a white elephant sale you ask? I'll tell you . . .

The Oakland Museum Women’s Board is a California non-profit public benefit corporation that provides services and funds to the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA). Founded in 1955, The Women’s Board has been providing funds and services to OMCA for over 50 years. With the annual White Elephant Sale as its only fundraising activity, they have contributed more than $19 million in support of OMCA educational programs, acquisitions to the permanent galleries, exhibitions, facilities, capital improvements, and much more. White Gloves is an online documentary by filmmakers, Les Blank and Courtney Stevens, about the Board's activities.

So, what is the White Elephant? During the year, people donate items to the Women's Board for the sale. The public then comes to the gigantic warehouse where the items are stored and buys them; it's a garage sale of enormous proportions.

However, this article is not so much about the sale but about the folks of the JABC who park the cars of the people attending the event. The funds raised from the parking is used by the JABC for community improvements in Jingletown; safety, environment, beautification, etc.

The Elder Village Development, LLC, who is building the Phoenix Commons on Pier 29, allowed the JABC to use the now empty lot for the parking for the fund-raiser. A big thanks to them.  


Ford Street - staging area one

Ford Street - staging area two

Pier 29 - staging area three

I heard that people had camped out over night to be first in the line up for the sale. Now that's what I call determination.

The line went from the entrance at Lancaster Street . . . 

. . . down Lancaster for three blocks . . .

. . . around the corner down and back up Chapman Street to Lancaster again . . .

. . . down Lancaster to the corner of Seventh Street, down to the corner of Fruitvale Ave, around that corner and down Fruitvale Ave. Yep, really determined people.

. . . all the while the crowd was entertained by the White Elephant . . .

. . . and the Museum had a shuttle from the BART station to Ford and Lancaster . . .

too cool driver, Latita, thanks

. . . at ten O'clock sharp the doors opened, the crowds kept coming but we were ready . . .

Commanders                                                                  Intelligence

. . . so were the vendors . . .

Tod & Lily of

The JABC Gang in action!

The Ironworks joined in . . . 

. . . so did the Boy Scouts . . .

. . . and the buyers went home happy!

all photos by Styrous®

The Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) brings together collections of art, history and natural science under one roof to tell the extraordinary stories of California and its people. OMCA’s groundbreaking exhibits tell the many stories that comprise California with many voices, often drawing on first-person accounts by people who have shaped California’s cultural heritage. Visitors are invited to actively participate in the Museum as they learn about the natural, artistic and social forces that affect the state and investigate their own role in both its history and its future. With more than 1.8 million objects, OMCA is a leading cultural institution of the Bay Area and a resource for the research and understanding of California’s dynamic cultural and environmental heritage

It was great working the parking as I got a chance to talk to fellow members and learn more about them. That was my payoff. Thanks.

Styrous® ~ January 26, 2014

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