June 10, 2013

Spencer Shook ~ Critter Creator

Spencer Shook surrounded by his "critters"
photo by Styrous©

When I was wandering through the JABC (Jingeltown Arts & Business Community) Open Studios in Jingletown, I came across the most delightful creations by an artist named Spencer Shook. His "critters", as he calls them, are what I imagine would be the result of a miraculous crash of a truck load of Tim Burton hit by a truck load of the Muppets.

Playful, wicked and wacky, they would delight a child or a grandparent; fun, fun and more fun, they are art as it should be, to be enjoyed. The photos tell the rest.

all photos by Styrous©2013

(click on any image to see slideshow)


What a fun time I had looking at the "critters" and talking with Spencer. 

Thanks, Spencer.

Styrous© ~ Monday, June 10, 2013


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