January 23, 2017

Dear President Obama and Mrs. Obama,

The other day I saw an open letter on Facebook to President Obama and his wife, Michelle. It was written by California College of the Arts (CCA) professor Mark Eanes. It was brilliant; everything I would want to tell the President and more! I contacted Mark to ask his permission to share his letter and he said, yes. So, here it is, unedited (except for links I've added). 

Dear President Obama and Mrs. Obama,

My name is Mark Eanes. I am 64 years of age and live in California. I am an associate professor of art in San Francisco. I am glad to have this opportunity to write to you both, and hope these words will reach you someday.   

I am a life long democrat who, at the age of 18, placed my first vote for George McGovern, a man of great distinction. He lost that year to Richard Nixon and that chapter changed me forever as a young man yearning to place my belief and faith in a leader I could trust and respect. It was a clarion call for me to remain informed and engaged....not to let my guard down.   

I have lived through many challenging chapters and witnessed great upheaval in this country throughout my lifetime, but still I sought out certain political leaders, men and women, whose voices and messages could offer me a shred of hope in difficult times.  

Then you came along....
When you gave the keynote address to the Democratic National Convention in 2004, I did not know of you. I was driving home from work that evening, listening to the radio...and heard your opening remarks.  

Your message was so clear and heartfelt I immediately pulled my car over, parked, and listened to your entire speech. I was moved deeply. Your words touched me.  

The next day I called a close friend and remarked " I heard the message of a man last night, a senator by the name of Barak Obama. And I believe he will be the next president of the United States of America." 

From that day forward I have been your biggest fan, your most loyal citizen. I have not always agreed with your positions, which is to be expected from any informed citizen, but I have always trusted your heart, your intelligence, and your capacity to lead this county with grace and dignity. 

I am saddened beyond words that you have left the Oval Office, but am heartened that you will return to Washington DC as a citizen to continue the good fight and lead this nation still. 

Your wife, Michelle, has been a beacon for all citizens who look to the first lady as a model for what is right and true. Her intelligence, passion and compassion has been a gift to all Americans. 

Together, and here I speak for many millions...you will both be missed. And remembered, always.

Mark Eanes.   

Thank you, Mark. 

Styrous® ~ Monday, January 23, 2017 

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