October 18, 2015

Star Wars ~ Darth Vader numbered saving bank

photos by Styrous®

In addition to the Star Wars, Talking, Mechanical Darth Vader bank (see link below), there were many other banks (link to them below) in which to save your money (that's assuming there was money left over after buying all the Star Wars products). This is one of those banks.  

This Darth Vader Saving Bank series even gave a number to each and every bank manufactured. This saving bank was number 007269 and was manufactured in 1994.        

Darth Vader Saving Bank 
number 007269

It is a bust of the Infamous Empire Leader, Darth Vader, measuring seven inches tall and features an intricately sculpted design from the Star Wars feature films. It was manufactured by Thinkway Toys of New York U.S.A. 

For better or worse, Darth Vader was the inspiration for many people. In one case, worse, in New Zealand a man dressed as Vader used a stolen credit card (see link below).    

In addition to buying all the many Star Wars products, there was a Star Wars fan club that you could join and for $9.99 you could get a one year subscription to the Star Wars Insider magazine. Titan Magazines had become the publisher a year before this bank was made. In March 2008, Star Wars Insider reached one hundred issues and continues to be printed (link to back issues below).  

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 The Darth Vader saving bank is for sale on eBay     

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