October 16, 2015

Star Wars ~ Darth Vader Talking mechanical bank


photos by Styrous®


Darth Vader Talking mechanical bank  

From The Strong National Museum of Play -
Hardly any American child could avoid George Lucas's "Star Wars" series of movies. The success of the "Star Wars" franchise changed forever the way Hollywood promoted and marketed its movies, and it changed the way toy manufacturers acquired licensed properties and manufactured toys of the heroes and villains of movies, TV shows, comic books, and other mass media. As movies, Lukas's first two films were hugely successful. They had raked in $870 million by the time Lukas released "Return of the Jedi" in 1983. The licensed products--96 action figures and 60 different accessories produced exclusively by Kenner among them--however, brought in an additional $2 billion. Other toy manufacturers altered their toys to be more like Star Wars action figures. Hasbro, Inc., for example, shrunk its 11 ¾-inch G.I. Joe to 3 ¾ inches and added stock, heroic pals for Joe as well as stock villains from some manifest evil called COBRA. As Lucas offered three more movies in the late 1990s into the 2000s, related toys and consumer goods again clogged store shelves.

Darth Vader Talking mechanical bank left: box front, right: box back 
Bank Box Measures: 9" x 13"
Manufacturer Thinkway Toys
Material: printed paper, plastic & metal 

Animatronic Star Wars figures from Thinkway Toys have realistic movement and sound effects from the movie. This is the 1996 released Thinkway Toys Star Wars Darth Vader Electronic Talking Bank. The Star Wars Darth Vader Electronic Talking Bank features original voice and music from the Star Wars soundtrack and includes waving lightsaber with light and sound! There is the Star Wars evil Empire theme followed by Darth Vader talking as he raises and lowers his light saber when you activate the bank (link below to video demonstrating action on YouTube).

Close-up of Darth Vader's chest plate or breastplate control box (Darth Vader's Life Support Systems Control Computer) and belt with electronic devices (temperature regulation system, audio enhancement unit and respiratory sensor matrix).  

Darth Vader Talking mechanical bank detail

Darth Vader was portrayed by bodybuilder David Prowse and this bank was autographed by Prowse so although it is in the original box it came in, the box is not sealed.   

Darth Vader Talking mechanical bank
autographed by David Prowse

The box was damaged when it was opened to have Prowse autograph it but the bank is in perfect working order. The bank requires three double A batteries.     

Darth Vader Talking mechanical bank back detail 

Darth Vader Talking mechanical bank front detail

Darth Vader Talking Bank on YouTube        

The Darth Vader Talking mechanical bank is for sale on eBay.  

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