October 18, 2015

Star Wars ~ Darth Vader wrist watch with Millennium Falcon Collector Watch Case

photos by Styrous®      

Another Star Wars marketing gimmick was this Darth Vader wrist watch manufactured by Hope Industries, Inc. in 1996. It is factory sealed, never been opened.   

The packing proudly declares it's a, "Collector Timepiece" and "Darth Vader's Face Flips Open To Reveal The Time" as well as "Includes: Millennium Falcon Collector Watch Case!" The Falcon was commanded by space maverick, Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and helped to destroy the Death Star. Joss Whedon credits the Millennium Falcon as one of his two primary inspirations for his Firefly television show. Great stuff!  

Millennium Falcon case 6" x 4.5" 

In a galaxy not so far, far away – a.k.a. this one - a man decided to rob a bank Pineville, North Carolina, wearing a Darth Vader mask while carrying a large gun (see link below). And Darth Vader held up a Long Island bank. Darth Vader was the inspiration for many criminal deeds in real life. 

Darth Vader watch, 9" x 1.5"

There is an appeal on the back of the packaging to join the "Official Star Wars Fan Club."

  • Package Dimensions: 11" x 8.5" x 2.25"     
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces   

The Official Star Wars Website

Darth Vader robs North Carolina bank Cinena Blend     

Darth Vader holds up Long Island bank CNN News  

Darth Vader really got around!

The Darth Vader Talking mechanical bank is for sale on eBay.  

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