February 19, 2015

Movie articles

In order of appearance

Suspiria ~ Goblin      
Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats?          
The Member of the Wedding       
The Wild One   
The Lion In Winter      
Blackboard Jungle             
Searching for Sugarman & Sixto Rodriquez      
The Outlaw        
Love Story            
The War of the Worlds ~ Worlds on Film          
The War of the Worlds ~ Jerzy Maksymiuk & Józef Skrzek
Some Like It Hot         
The San Francisco Story             
La Carrera Panamericana [VHS] ~ Pink Floyd
Who Killed Marilyn? ~ Glenn Danzig             
Star Wars (the movie)   
The Force Awakens            
all things Star Wars            
RoboCop takes a bubble bath   
Star Wars: Episode VII ~ The Force Awakens in 3D             
James Dean    
The James Dean Story         
Action Jackson
Purple Rain             
Top Gun                 
Let's Make Love         
Rocky Horror       
Zsa Zsa Gabor ~ European flair             
Carrie Fisher ~ Forever Princess Lea             
Singin' In the Rain                 
Marilyn Monroe ~ Queen of the Screen           
Marilyn Monroe ~ Imperfection is beauty                
Roxie Theater          
Howard Hughes in Hollywood     
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest       
Battlefield Earth ~ L. Ron Hubbard        
John Williams ~ A Soundtrack King     
Star Wars @ 40     
Bernard Herrmann ~ Psycho     
I'll Cry Tomorrow ~ Susan Hayward      
David Prowse 1980 interview
Charles Laughton reads The Night of the Hunter   
Fred Neil ~ A Midnight Cowboy      
Robert Mitchum ~ Hollywood bad boy       
Nina Horn & the Orinda Theater battle
George Romero's Day of the Dead              
High Society & Grace Kelly     
Divine ~ A transformative performer       

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