February 7, 2015

Celeste Connor ~ Ecotopia and the Post-Apocalyptic Future!

"Ecotopia: Notebooks and Reports of William Weston"
a novel by Ernest Callenbach 

Sick and tired of the haste and hyper-mediation of the present Anthropocene era? (The geologic term for the epoch that began when human activities started to have a significant, global, impact of the Earthʼs ecosystems.) Try on the post-apocalyptic future! The two-part installation called, “The Ecotopian Archive”, provides a portal to 2084 to witness the results of the Great Earth Cataclysm of 2077. 

The Ecotopian Archive, by Celeste Connor, is a portable, expanding, installation-in-process in the Temescal District of Oakland, California at the heart of Oakland Art Murmur. Along with its outdoor Eastern section in Walnut Creek on the border of The Open Space Regional Parkland (links to both archives below), the visual work uses Ernest Callenbach's 1975 novel, “Ecotopia”, as its libretto. Themes of feminist statehood and collective quests for a sustainable future are appropriated from the prescient novel by Callenbach, an early Earth advocate and founding editor of Berkeley Film Review.

 Links to the Ecotopia project:

Introduction: information and history (text, words in green are links to more info, if wanted)

Archive Installation: Ecotopia East (images, click on any image to see slideshow)

Archive Installation: Ecotopia West (images, click on any image to see slideshow)

Tours of the archives are by appointment only. 
Celeste Connor email: rrosaseconda@gmail.com

Styrous® ~ Saturday, February 7, 2015

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