August 18, 2015

butohPhoto all over the world

photos by  

It is with pleasure I can report the performance of butohPhoto was seen in Spain and Germany, as well as in the United States: New York, New Mexico, Texas, Los Angeles and, of course, the San Francisco Bay Area.

“ButohDrawing is a recombinant culture, a nomadic umbrella whose spokes point to many disciplines: art, architecture, design, movement, performance, philosophy, psychology, and historicism.  It interfaces the Japanese discipline of Butoh* movement with investigations of contemporary drawing, writing and postmodern thought."   

Tom White © 2003  

* Butoh is a Japanese dance form, circa 1959.  

projection by Betty Jo Costanzo

Tom White 
Betty Jo Costanzo
Kyung Lee

with participation of:
Minoo Hamzavi
Isaac Amala  
Kaia Self        

Styrous® ~ Tuesday, August 18, 2015    

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