August 16, 2015

Elvis Presley ~ stamped forever

Elvis Presley "Forever" Stamp
stamp photo by William Speer
 Elvis at age 19
1954 or 1955
photo of stamp by Styrous®

Elvis Presley died in 1977 on this date, August 16, and in commemoration of his death, the United States Postal Service (fondly referred to as the USPS) has issued a non-denominational (affectionately known as a "Forever") stamp.    

It is actually a beautifully designed stamp, unlike some of the badly designed ones that happen from time to time. I use the term happen as most of them look like they "happened" by accident. This stamp is elegant with its simplicity and boldness of design.   

The front (see below) of the sheet of stamps has the King at the peak of his raw beauty in action on the stage . . .
Elvis Presley "Forever" stamp sheet, front
photo by Alfred Wertheimer 
photo of stamp sheet by Styrous®

. . . and the back, with the actual stamps, 16 of them, has been made to look like a 45 RMP record in a sleeve, with the tip of the record showing, just like the old 45's; a brilliant touch! Kudos to the designers, Antonio Alcala and Leslie Badani!  
Elvis Presley "Forever" stamp sheet, back 
stamp photo by William Speer
 photo of stamp sheet by Styrous®

It's really a beaut!

Elvis Presley age 19 
photo by William Speer

Long live the King!

Styrous® ~ Sunday, August 16, 2015

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