August 28, 2015

Betty Sheehan White ~ 12 days of a lifetime

August 28, 1913
April 20, 2006

photographer unknown

photos by Styrous® unless otherwise noted


Betty & Tom White
January 4, 2005

January 3

Tom, John, Betty, Ray Kay, Max & John
photographer unknown

Betty, Tom & John

Tom, Betty & Max

Tom, Betty, John, Max
& Abby

January 2

Betty with Trace Stahmann

putting away the ornaments

January 1

Betty & Tom White, Abby & friend

 John & Betty White

John, Betty & Tom White

Betty White


Tom, Betty & Abby
December 31, 2004

December 30

 Tom, Betty & John White

 Tom, Betty & Max
photo by John White

Francesca Gonzalez with Betty
December 28, 2004

Chrismas Day

December 24

Betty White w/Abby
photo by Styrous®

~ ~ ~

The lifetime

Betty White
Ruidoso, New Mexico
date unknown
photographer unknown


Ray Kay & Betty White
date unknown
photographer unknown


White Family
front row: John & Betty
middle row: Tom Bruce White, Jr. & 
Tom Bruce White III
top row: Ray Kay
photographer unknown


 Betty & Tom White
photographer unknown

front: Tom White, Lou Ward & Ray Kelly Sheehan
back: Betty White
circa; 1943
photographer unknown


 Betty Sheehan White
photographer unknown

Early 1910's

Betty with her mother, Ray Kelly Sheehan
photographer unknown

Styrous, "I would like to photograph you."
Betty, "With my clothes on or off?"
                                 -  December 24th, 2004

wedding wine glass ~ 2008

Styrous® ~ August 28, 2015

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