February 13, 2017

Into the Light memory 2 ~ The Opening

photo by James Neale

It was fantastic! 

Jan had the gallery looking terrific as she always does; it is amazing how she manages to make each show have a visual flow of divergent work that is a knockout. She decided to hold the opening reception late afternoon on Saturday as opposed to the traditional Friday night. It worked sensationally! The place was jammed from the moment the gallery opened at 4 pm and stayed that way until 8:30 or so. The reception was supposed to be over at 7 but didn't close until around 9:30.   

The work in the show is outstanding! I found one of my pieces was adjacent to that of Eban Otsby, a brilliant photographer; I was thrilled about that.  

My friend, Dean Santomieri, and I have never shown in the same exhibition before, so, that was a lot of fun. His work, Marchers, is dazzling! Dean was in charge of the Media Department at CCA in Oakland way back when and a bunch of ex-CCA folk showed up; it was fun seeing them again.  

A lot of my friends came and one, Katie, bought Pajaro. That made my day, to be sure. Thanks Katie! James got a shot of me with two of my other works in the show (above); it's a great shot and will be a treasured memory. Thanks, James! 

Ginny Parsons, who curated the Coupled show in which Tom & I now have work, came by to see the exhibition and it was fun to chat with her for a bit. While we were talking she told me the Coupled show is going to have a closing reception after all. Yay! 

Towards the end of the evening, Jan realized it was the fifth anniversary of the opening of the Gray Loft Gallery. WOW! She thanked all the artists who have shown in the gallery. We toasted Jan and congratulated her on making the gallery what it is.  

Sunday morning I woke up a quarter after 8. Amazing! I was feeling just great and . . .

Life is good!

Styrous® ~ Monday, February 13, 2017

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