February 2, 2017

Into the Light memory 1 ~ Pagano's

What a fantastic day!    

Woke up sometime after 7 am!  Usually up between 4 and 6. It felt SO good. 

Prep for the exhibition, Into the Light, at the Gray Loft Gallery, had started earlier; the printing of the images was done and I figured I had three days before they were due, so, I was relaxed while going about my work.  

The glass for the frames was cleaned; I put one with the spacer around it in the frame. It was a snug fit but figured I could wiggle it in. I heard a quiet crack and thought, "Ummm . . . " 

There are hardware stores closer than Pagano's but they are in locations that are nightmares to drive to. Not yet stressed-out and not ready to get to that point, I chose Pagano's to get a new glass for the frame. 

I started off on my task and as I closed the gate to the parking lot and got into the car, it started to rain. I thought, "Ummm . . . "  

I used Blanding to Clement, to Grand then to Central. It's a smooth route with very few obstacles but more important, no jerky-movement drivers (well, usually). As hoped, the trip was peaceful. I enjoyed driving through the rain and I found the new location for Pagano's with no problem.  

I walked into the store and saw one of the men I remembered from the old location (link below) and had a fun time talking with him. He called a guy to come to cut the new glass for me. I had never seen this fellow before but we started talking and it was a lot of fun; just like in the old days at the old place. Nice!

He cut my glass and I told him it was for the exhibition opening at the Gray Loft and gave him one of the announcement cards. He asked for more so he could put them in the store there and at the Towne Center store as well. Turned out he was the manager for Pagano's. Talk about luck! 

They have continued the old tradition of free, fresh-popped popcorn; so, I helped myself to a bag and ate popcorn while standing in line to pay for the glass. While waiting, I spotted this goofy looking character (pic above) staring back at me from a shelf and burst out laughing. I never buy stuff like this and I had no idea what it was for but it had given me such a blast of a laugh I figured anything that can do that is worth a shot.  

As I left the store I discovered the rain had stopped and the sun was blazing through the clouds! When I got home the rain started again but I was snug, warm and had my new glass for the frame. I thought, "Ummm . . . "    

Life is good!

Net links:  

old Pagano's
Gray Loft Gallery     

Styrous® ~ Thursday, February 2, 2017

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