February 19, 2017

Black History Month ~ articles

To celebrate Black History Month I made a list of the many people I have mentioned in my blog over the years who have contributed to its history.   

Muhammad Ali ~ The Greatest              
Harry Belefonte                       
Chuck Berry ~ Maybellene            
Edythe Boone
Betty Davis       
Earth, Wind & Fire            
Ella Fitzgerald       
Aretha Franklin         
Joe Harriott     
Jimi Hendrix Experience       
Gwen Ifill       
Al Jarreau              
B. B. King       
The Main Ingredient           
Motown Story          
Oakland Indie Awards       
Barack & Michelle Obama          
Sidney Poitier            
Leontyne Price ~ A Christmas Offering         
Diana Ross & the Supremes           
Bobby Seale ~ Gagged & Chained       
Sweets Ballroom   
Dionne Warwick               
Bobby Womack           
Styrous® ~ Sunday, February 19, 2017

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