February 19, 2017

Black History Month ~ articles

To celebrate Black History Month I made a list of the many people I have mentioned in my blog over the years who have contributed to its history.   

Muhammad Ali ~ The Greatest              
Harry Belefonte                       
Chuck Berry ~ Maybellene            
Edythe Boone
Betty Davis       
Earth, Wind & Fire            
Roy Eldridge    
Ella Fitzgerald       
Aretha Franklin         
Dizzy Gillespie   
Joe Harriott     
Jimi Hendrix       
Billie Holiday     
Gwen Ifill     
Al Jarreau              
B. B. King       
Eartha Kitt    
The Main Ingredient           
Motown Story          
Oakland Indie Awards       
Barack & Michelle Obama          
Sidney Poitier            
Leontyne Price ~ A Christmas Offering         
Diana Ross & the Supremes           
Bobby Seale ~ Gagged & Chained       
Bessie Smith   
Sweets Ballroom  
Dionne Warwick               
Bobby Womack           
Styrous® ~ Sunday, February 19, 2017

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