February 2, 2017

Coupled memory 1 ~ The Installation

iPhone photos by Styrous®

Ginny Parsons' fruit tart

What a fun time we had installing our work in the K Gallery at Rhythmix. The installation went smoothly with very few problems. Our work looks fantastic in the locations assigned to us! NICE!  

Because everything went so well, it gave us some time to visit with Charlie and Deborah Sullivan. Both are sculptors and it was really fun to talk with them and hear all about what they do. I had checked out Deborah's work earlier and had burst out laughing; they are so much fun and totally delightful! Charlie's work is amazing!  

Ed Holmes was not there but he had started his installation which is pretty intricate and informative; similar to his performances (link below).  

Janet Koike wasn't there either but I could hear a drum banging in the performance space upstairs so I assumed she was conducting a class, rehearsing or just having fun. 

Ginny Parsons had made a fantastic fruit tart (pic above) for all of us, which we enjoyed while taking our break. Thanks Ginny!   

After we left the gallery, Tom White and I went to Smashburger and grossed out on bergers and fries. 



Life is good!

Ed Holmes & Janet Koike performance       

Styrous® ~ Thursday, February 2, 3017

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