December 17, 2015

On TV articles

Star Wars ~ Opening       
Star Wars ~ movie history        
Ken Van Sickle on PBS           
Obama en Habana          
Ryker's Island, Nightline & the Family Dogg   
A Rockefeller Xmas    
2017                                                                                                               David Muir    
                                                                                                       ABC World News Tonight anchor
Giacobbe "Jake" LaMotta ~ A raging bull                    screenshot by Styrous®  
Jimmy Kimmel ~ Depeche Mode           
Donald Trump ~ In his own words                    
Donald Trump In his own words 2 ~ Mine's bigger      
75th Golden Globe Awards ~ In the Black   
Murder, Inc. revisited by Rudi Giuliani      

State of the Union ~ In the White     
Jeff Adachi         

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