June 3, 2015

Tower Records ~ All Things Must Pass: a blast from the past

Bay and Columbus streets
photographer unknown

From KQED News: "The rise and fall of Tower Records is the subject of the new documentary All Things Must Pass.” Scott Shafer of KQED's The California Report interviewed the film’s director, Colin Hanks (link below). 

I remember the many delightful hours I spent in the Tower Records store at Bay and Columbus streets in San Francisco and where I bought many of my records, in particular, in 1994 or 1995, my Pink Floyd, The Division Bell, limited edition (there were only 1,000 issued) CD with the blue glass bell that came with it. I still have the whole special packaging in the original Tower bag it came in (link below).     

The Pink Floyd, Division Bell CD package 
in the original Tower bag
photo by Styrous®

The Pink Floyd, The Division Bell 
blue glass bell
photo by Styrous®


All Things Must Pass screens at San Francisco’s DocFest, tomorrow, June 4, 2015, at 8 PM at the Brava Theater. There will be a QA with the director, after which there will be drinks and live music by Thee Hobo Gobbelins and The Chuckleberries!    

Tower was founded in 1960 by Russell Solomon in Sacramento, California. The store was named after his father's drugstore, which shared a building and name with the Tower Theater, where Solomon first started selling records. The first Tower Records store was opened in 1960 on Watt Avenue in Sacramento. By 1976, Solomon had opened Tower Books, Posters, and Plants at 1600 Broadway, next door to Tower Records. It was also one of the first retailers to move online in 1995 as Tower.com   

Seven years after its founding, Tower Records expanded to San Francisco, opening a store in what was originally a grocery store.   

Pink Floyd ~ The Division Bell CD         
The Tower Records Project (It was more than music) 
The California Report interview

Styrous® ~ Wednesday, June 3, 2015 


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