June 20, 2015

The San Francisco Story ~ A cautionary tale

I was watching Get TV tonight and they were showing the film, The San Francisco Story (1952). At one point in the film, one of the characters says, "I guarantee you, one of these days, San Francisco will be bigger than New York!" Little did anyone know how right he was and, unfortunately, not for the best.  

There is a great French web site (link below) with a fantastic collection of lobby cards from the film featuring Joel McCrea, . . . 

Joel McCrea as Rick Nelson

. . . and one of my favorite screen sirens, Yvonne De Carlo, (she was later, Lily, on the Munsters).

Yvonne De Carlo as Adelaide McCall

The film:

Rick Nelson (Joel McCrea) is a 19th-century miner in 1856. To stem the activities of crooks and con artists, newspaper editor Capt. Jim Martin (Onslow Stevens) organizes a group of peace-keeping vigilantes. Nelson, an old friend of Martin's, arrives in the Golden Gate city to help out by ousting crooked politician Andrew Cain (Sidney Blackmer). As the time of the action takes place in the 1850's, the 1906 earthquake is not one of the features of the film. 


Net links:  
westernmovies (french site with lobby cards

Thanks for the warning, guys!

 Styrous® ~ Saturday, June 20 2015

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