November 18, 2014

Kim Kardashian ~ True Reflections

Naked is the only way to make it!
photos by Styrous®
Thank you Kim Kardashian for showing us how we’re doing it wrong
By Amanda Rose, November 14, 2014

Big vote of thanks to Kim Kardashian, who this week finally cemented her lesson to women of the world about how all this time we have been doing it wrong. All totally and completely wrong.

To think women across the globe are fighting to be heard, for a right to be educated, for a right to equal pay and equal positions based on merit, and to be respected as the fantastic creature they are. But all along they just needed a naked butt.

They are studying, working, juggling commitments and managing family and career. Yeah… no. Kim says strip off for money instead. It’s easier. (If you don’t know what I am talking about Google Kim Kardashian)

Kim is special, obviously. Known for nothing, but famous for being famous. A creation of great PR and society’s need for increasingly vacuous TV and gossip. Kim Kardashian is the epitome of what not to do. And yet seemingly the poster girl for how to succeed.

So now, with wealth and fame at her command — without having to ever get her immaculately manicured paws dirty — it was obviously time for Ms Kardashian to show the rest of us business women what we have been doing wrong in trying to establish our careers.
Yep. Who needs a degree and career when you can just strip naked for a magazine? I mean… Hello. That would save a lot of grief, time and effort for so many of us!
All this time we have been strategic in how we look. Working hard to stay fit and healthy and covering up enough to ensure we receive respect in a business setting.
Thank you Kim for letting every aspiring business woman and young girl know that “naked is the only way to make it”

Let me go back in time and tell all the women who worked hard to create a future for us all to not bother because Kim Kardashian will show us how it’s done.

Thank you Kim for also being a poster girl for successful women in porn in the 21st century. An industry I’m sure young girls are now considering because of you.

Don’t worry yourself too much though Kim, the rest of us will take on the responsibility of ensuring the millions of women wanting to be respected for their brains that it is ok NOT to get naked to get noticed.

Oh, and we’re assuming you’ll be donating your designer clothes to charity now that you clearly have no need for them?
                                   - Amanda Rose  

Thank you, Amanda

Styrous® ~ Tuesday, November 18, 2014


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