November 12, 2014

Beemer Memory 10: 1977 CARNIFAIR ~ Dancin' for the Seamen


CMC Carnival poster
poster photo by Jim Stewart ©1977  
photo of poster by Styrous® ©2012

It was 37 years ago today on November 12, that I danced at the Leatherneck bar to promote my candidacy for Mr. CMC of 1978 for the 1977 CARNIFAIR. The photo used on the poster was taken during the finale of that dance. Shots from the dance were used for other Leatherneck posters (see link below). The Mr. CMC contest was presented by the California Motor Club (CMC), a San Francisco motorcycle club, during it's annual CMC Carnival. The Leatherneck bar (see links below) sponsored me for the contest.

I remember the song I danced to was Hold Your Head Up by Argent. A 6 minute and 20 seconds hard rock tour de fource that has a fantastic organ, played by Rod Argent, instrumental break. The song with lead vocal by Russ Ballard, from the All Together Now album, reached No. 5 in the U.S, sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc (link to the song on YouTube below).

The CMC also sponsored extravagant bike "runs" that were rough 'n tumble in some aspects and not so in others. Example of others: it was on one of these events I was introduced to ratatouille under a crystal chandelier hung from the branches of a tree; power for it was provided by a generator. During the runs there were bike events in which participants could win trophies and other prizes and it was a great venue for meeting fellow bikers.

The actual CARNIFAIR event and contest for Mr. CMC was held at the Seaman's Hall (Sailors' Union of the Pacific building) at 350 Fremont Street in San Francisco, CA later that month. 

Designed by San Francisco architect William Gladstone Merchant
photographer unknown

The use of the hall was partially facilitated by the membership of some of the members of the Hell's Angels in the longshoreman's union. 

Historical note:

This year is the 80th anniversary of the July 5, 1934, “Bloody Thursday”, Maritime Strike initiated by West Coast longshoremen.  

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YouTube link:
Argent ~ Hold Your Head Up          

Oh, yes, the Mr CMC contest,
I didn't win it but I had a hell of a good  time!

Styrous® ~ Wednesday, November 12, 2014 


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