February 21, 2018

Visions of Red @ the Gray Loft Gallery


photos of Seeing Red



Dean Santomieri ~ Photia

Jo Babcock - Chippewas Motel

Susan Scott - Burning Earth 3

Diane Kaye - Cell Division

Diane Kaye - Raining on Bottles

JP Terlizzi - Nazzareno

JP Terlizzi - wesst 2nd Steet 

Krista Kahl - Ode To Joan of Arc

Karyn Yandow - Muir Woods #1

Caren Alpert - Terra Cibus no 36

Lisa Toby Goodman - 7 November 2014

Susan West - Burning Bush

Styrous® - Dreams

Marna G. Clarke - Red Towel

Mike Kirschner - Out for a Walk

Judi Iranyi - School Yard

Michael Teresko - Drive in

Troy Paiva - Red as Coal 

Stephen Albair - How Dare You Not Be Me

Yoav Friedlander - Somewhere Between Rochester & NYC

J. M. Golding - The land remembers, the land heals

Richelle Semenza - Wing

Lesley Louden - Mountain ESS series #5

Ernie Luppi - Fear, San Jose, CA

Tamara Porras - untitled [a patriot]

Sarah Christianson - Flaring near the Blue Buttes

Eben Ostby - Naustvik

Jeffrey Abrahams - Red Hot Luck

Sherry Karver - Do Not Enter

Jon Wessel - I Stand on Their Shoulders

Pete Rosos - Untitled #3

Neo Serafimidis - Blood Fury

George Tomberlin - Red Spot

Jeanne Hauser - Women's March DC

Robin Apple - Splash 1

Jessica Hayes - DACA

Kevin B. Jones - Si Se Puede

dorie meister - jewelry

Jenny Sampson - Onion, Small Red

Sas Colby - Nude Running

Stephanie Williamson - Candy Box

Charlotte Niel - Lips for You

Rhianna Gallagher - Falling Crown

SheSaidRed - 171219_03

Anita White - Absent #2

Yelena Zhavoronkova - Memories in Red

Seeing Red

a photography exhibitition celebrating the color red

juried by Ann M. Jastrab 

February 9 – March 9, 2018
2nd Friday Jingletown Opening Reception

February 9, 6 – 9 pm
2nd Friday Jingletown Closing Reception

March 9, 6 – 9 pm
Gallery Hours: 
Saturdays 1:00 to 5:00 and by appointment

Gray Loft Gallery Address:   
2889 Ford Street, third floor, 
Oakland, CA 94601

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Seeing Red articles  
Jeffrey Abrahams       
Jo Babcock       
Lisa Toby Goodman       
Marsha Guggenheim       
Judi Iranyi            
Dorie Meister       
Eben Ostby            
Jenny Sampson             
Dean Santomieri     
Susan Scott       
Richelle Semenza         
Jon Wessel     
Stephanie Williamson        
Karyn Yandow           
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Gray Loft Gallery  

Styrous® ~ Tuesday, February 20, 2018         

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