August 10, 2017

Beemer Memory 16: Two wheeled Locksmith & Devon

photo by Styrous®

I had a blast from the past this last Monday that started by losing the keys to the studio. I had to call a locksmith and as luck would have it (was it really luck or Karma?) the locksmith turned out to be a fellow who does not have a traditional storefront and travels to all his clients on a motorcycle. Pretty cool, right?    

Pillow, from my old Hungry i days (link below), was visiting that day. I can't remember how it happened but she was in the studio when Devon, the locksmith, showed up; I was not there. Pillow is a pretty gregarious soul and she told him all about our days together on Broadway and found out he also had a history similar to ours; his was on the East Coast in New York.  

When I got back to the studio he was still installing the new locks on the doors and I got a chance to meet him and talk with him as well. It was fun recounting our mutual biker days and when he left I had to go down to see his bike. I got a great shot of him but he didn't have an email address and I can't send it to him. So, I figured I'd post it on my blog in the hope he'll see it and contact me.  

If you live in Oakland or Alameda and need a great locksmith who does fantastic work efficiently and properly, and whose rates are reasonable, get in touch with Devon. His website states he is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and is available for both emergency and Non-Emergency locksmith services. 


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Leatherneck, Pillow, a Hungry i          
safe riding, Devon
Styrous® ~ Thursday, August 10, 2017   

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