August 7, 2017

Amy Sollins ~ Introspective

Amy Sollins: Introspective

On view until 

August 26, 2017

@ the Gray Loft Gallery

Closing Reception: 
Saturday, August 26, 4:00 – 6:30 pm

photos by Styrous®

Amy Sollins creates charcoal drawings of her possessions, including her grandmother’s cast iron doorstop, underwear, jewelry, and other inanimate objects that have meaning for her, revealing a whimsical nostalgia for sacred and personal artifacts. Uprooted from the context of her life, the artifacts are drawn on large white pieces of paper, floating and swimming, disregarding the natural laws of gravity. She draws with the softest charcoal possible so that the dust falls in shadows, enhancing the objects from her personal mythology and that of her heritage. The result is a surreal narrative, where scale and context are less relevant than emotive charge, and the everyday, inanimate object is poetry.  She is interested in the difference between perception and reality, and her work is rooted in the ways in which the scale of objects and their meanings may be opposite and the same—at the same time; the unity of opposites, the co-existence of being and non-being.  

Baccarat Cat & Plastic Shoe 
 charcoal on paper

Pink & Blue Creche Angels 
charcoal on paper


Strawberry Shortcake Plate
charcoal on paper

Her charcoal images are subtle, moody but stunning when examined closely. The Marsh King's Daughter is one of these amazing works, however, the frame for it is as astonishing as the work itself. The frame is made up of hundreds of match sticks she glued on one-by-one.      

The Marsh King's Daughter
 charcoal on paper, matchsticks 

Sollins is known for her intricate abstract paintings from earlier in her career – of which a few will be on display in the gallery.        

oil on canvas

oil pastel on paper

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