May 10, 2017

J. Edgar Hoover hired by the FBI today!

J. Edgar Hoover - 1920s
ABC Photograph

On May 10, 1924, Attorney General Harlan Fiske Stone appointed the 29-year-old Hoover acting director of the Bureau, and by the end of the year Mr. Hoover was named Director.   

It is an ironic twist of fate that yesterday, the current Director of the FBI, James Comey was fired by President of the United StatesDonald J. Trump.       

Also, coincidental, is that a book by David Grann, "Killers of the Flower Moon & the Birth of the FBI", was published last month on April 18th by Doubleday.   

Net link: FBI History       

Events align in mysterious ways! 

Styrous® ~ Wednesday, May 10, 2017 

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