March 3, 2017

Sent from my iPhone ~ more fun than a barrel of monkeys

I have had issues with Siri on my iPhone (link below), so, I have turned her off and don't use her.

After I'd had my iPhone almost a year I discovered I could dictate what I wanted to write. My discovery made me realize I could do it with my computer as well. What a delight! However, my computer wants to write what it THINKS I want to say, which is not always correct. 

My iPhone is a bit worse at this than my computer, however. I have taken to speaking into the bottom edge of my iPhone where the microphone is located in an attempt to make it understand what I REALLY want to say; thus, I don't see what it's written until I've finished dictating.  

Last night while I was with Tom in the hospital & feeling very down in the dumps, a friend sent a message to me asking how he was & if her daughter had stopped by. I dictated my reply as usual, "Hi, Elisheva, Sivan came & brought me some chicken soup." I then looked at what it had written, burst out laughing, than thought, what the hell & sent the reply as is . . .
"I am a Chevy Silverado came and brought me some chicken soup oh I can't believe what this thing is writing I'm fine I will keep you posted yes he quieted down quite a bit"
Sent from my iPhone

Sassy Siri      

Chevy Silverado, March 3, 2017  

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  1. OH MAX!!!!! That is too much funny. I hope you are feeling good today and hope that Tom is out of pain and resting.
    I'm happy you got some chicken soup too, sounds yummy.
    Love you both! xoxo


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