May 8, 2016

Bernard E. Simonson, Jr. ~ The Story Teller: Christine

Ben & Christine
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, California
ca 1948
photographer unknown


How did a person like myself ever get so lucky to find a Greek Goddess like Christine? I’m a better person because of her. For me it was a marvelous time; it was a time to learn what is true love. She spoke in a gentle voice; she was gentle and very lovable.

When I first saw her I had a warm feeling and deep affection for her. She had a beautiful appearance; she was enjoyable to be with. I told her, “You’re forever on my mind and in my heart.” It’s amazing how love can transform your life forever. Without her love I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Her love is my most treasured gift.

Christine manuscript
by Bernard E. Simonson, Jr. 
photo by Styrous®

She was like no other person I have ever known. Christine had so much knowledge; She spoke Greek and could read it; she also spoke and read Spanish. I knew we would be married in time. Our marriage was a happy one. We were married in Washoe, Nevada. Christine never asked anything of any one but true friendship. All who knew her loved her as a charming lady but above all, a true friend.

Among Christine’s many attractions, she was a professional dancer and singer. Due to the fact that I did not dance, she never danced with anybody else ever. I have regretted that the rest of my life. She was just so marvelous and very attractive.

Christine manuscript
by Bernard E. Simonson, Jr. 
photo by Styrous®

Among her many accomplishments, she was a master chef; when she baked bread, the family would wait at the table with butter and knife in hand. There’s nothing like oven-baked bread. Christine would like to browse through her cookbooks at her leisure making mental notes of new recipes she would like to try.

Did you know that Christine was a nurse as well as a wielder at the San Francisco shipyards during the war [WW2]? In time we bought a home in San Francisco, California. After a time we had children; our life was complete. There was so much happiness at our home; we were very comfortable. All total we had four beautiful boys.

Christine manuscript
by Bernard E. Simonson, Jr. 
photo by Styrous®

We worked hard to build our dreams. I couldn’t imagine living any other life than the one we’d planned. What I enjoy in life was Christine and our children. I never grew tired of telling Christine how much I loved her. She was such a beauty.

I spent most of my time with the boys; Max, Steve, John and ken, were special, each boy in his own way. All our sons grew up to be gentlemen thanks to Christine. They were all mild and kindly. We are so proud of our sons, all of them. I have spent a lifetime in schooling. 

There’s one regret and that is when we lost John; he was 27 years old when he left us. He was a gifted guitarist, but above all, he was kind hearted to one and all. Oh, how he could make you laugh.

I have a brother; his name is Jim. He was sent to Germany and I was sent to Korea. I have two sisters, Sally and Lucy. I love them all. 

I have two granddaughters, one is Julia who we were grateful to have for time. She was a delightful child she was my son Steve's daughter. And there was lovely Sarah. Their mother is Fancine who is very dear to us. 

When they were 15 and 16, our grandchildren, Marcel and J. R., moved back to their mother in Eugene, Oregon.

Christine has been at my side always, to the very end. She captured my heart with her very first smile and continued to amaze me with each new day. Oh, how I loved her so.

Now, to all my family and friends, thank you for being true and faithful. From the bottom of my heart, love and hope is yours always. 

Time is running out for me, I hope to find Christine and John.

Affectionately yours, your story teller
                        Ben - November, 2013

Christine manuscript
by Bernard E. Simonson, Jr. 
photo by Styrous®

Ben died 2 years ago on May 12, 2014, 
but The Story Teller lives on

Bernard E. Simonson, Jr.            
Christine K. Simonson              
John Gilbert Simonson

Styrous® ~ Mother's Day, Sunday, May 8, 2016 

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